He’s still got it.

Text message from me: Do you think Casey Anthony is hot?

Text message from Scott: Who is that?

I should stop here and tell you that Scott found a job! He’s out of town this week. This leaves me bored and streaming Kansas City’s KMBZ NewsTalk radio while slurping the last of the Ramen noodles.

I’ll stop, Scott. I’ll stop. No more Ramen noodle jokes, I swear. 

Back to the text messages.

Me: Casey Anthony is the mom found “innocent” for murdering her little girl. But she totally murdered her kid. Remember? I think she lives in Orlando.

Scott: Show me a picture. Why are you asking this?

Me: Because this radio guy keeps saying the only reason Casey Anthony’s story went to national news a few years ago is because she’s hot. I just texted the text line and told him, “Uh, Casey Anthony is not hot. She went to national news because she murdered her child.”

Then I needed to make sure.

Cody said she agrees with me – Casey Anthony, not hot.

I need a confirmation from a guy. Is she hot?


Scott: Half those pictures are from her in jail. Of course she won’t look cute.

Me: Pretty sure top right is her before she killed her kid.

Scott: She’s cute/hot in that pic. But you’re hot/beautiful.

Me: Ha! So I’d go straight to national news if I were ever thrown in jail?

Scott: Not even collecting $200.

And that’s why I love this man. He’s still got it.

And we don’t have to play with Monopoly money anymore.

It wasn’t a Ramen joke, Scott. 


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This is all I have to give you.

There’s nothing here to read.

I don’t have anything to write about. Well, no, that’s not true. I have things to write about but nothing sounds good. It’s like picking out a place to eat. I’m sick of Mexican food. I’m sick of salads. And I’m sick of all this political nonsense. It’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Let’s see, what do I have to offer my guests here on the ‘ole Bug Bytes…

How about a glass of ice water and some screenshots? Pony up, let’s go.


And that’s how Kate got the Gif app taken off her iPod.


Oh, the Gif App. How I love you so.



Kate still has the angry emojis. 


And now Kate figured out how to use google to prove to me she shouldn’t have to eat hot lunches. 


I just wanted to see the baby.


Ok, she does look like me. And I have that dress. No sh*ts given.


That hair though.


Look at her butt.


It must be tough to navigate this world with a wiener.


Kate owns us all.


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