This picture cost me $20.

I don’t post many pictures of my kids on social media.

It isn’t because I don’t want others to know what my kids look like or I’m trying to protect their digital footprint.

I am in a unique position when it comes to social media – I have public accounts. Anyone can look at my Facebook page, Instagram page or Twitter page. We don’t necessarily have to be “friends.” I made those public because it’s a platform to showcase my work. I’m a writer.

And to be honest, an Instagram account with pictures of my kids would be boring to everyone but me. It’s the same concept as handing someone my kid’s scrapbook – anyone can look at it and enjoy it but I am the most proud of it. Social media only shows the good memories. Happy moments. Sometimes people forget that and families appear to be perfect.

I’m not perfect.

My family is not perfect. Happy – yes, most of the time, we are. Do I patiently wait for my family to run out of clean clothes before they realize I’m retired from picking up their dirty clothes? Why yes, I do, because I’m a mean mom and evil wife.

I don’t post many pictures of my kids because I ask my kids’ permission to post pictures. Emma is eleven and Kate is eight. They both realize people they’ve never met will see the pictures. For the most part, Emma always gives me permission and Kate never does. I also never ask Kate because she rarely smiles for posed pictures. Her reason is because she “doesn’t like fake smiling” and no one needs to be in her damn business. Ok, she didn’t say damn but I know she’s thinking it.

I asked Kate to take a selfie with me at a neighborhood party this weekend.

She agreed.

I was shocked.

We took the photo.

Kate: That will be $20.

Me: What?

Kate: You heard me. I know you sold one of your books and you have a twenty dollar bill in your pocket.

Me: I’m not giving you twenty dollars to smile for a picture.

Kate: What if I let you put this picture on Instagram or Facebook?


This picture cost me $20.


Wait, don’t go! Find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

And don’t forget to buy my book, “But Did You Die?” 

Kate will take your money.

Drake White.

Anyone that knows me got a laugh last Thursday night.

“Oh, just hanging out with this guy before his concert. #itfeelsgood @DrakeWhiteStomp #hcnkc”

It’s my selfie with Drake White before he opened for Jerrod Niemann at Kansas City’s Power and Light District. Scott and I accidentally-on-purpose ran into Drake before the concert. If you know us, accidentally-on-purpose makes complete sense.

The humor is that I held my beer in between my legs and waited for my correctly hash tagged picture to pop up on the big screen so I could take a picture of my picture.

But I wasn’t taking a picture of my picture for social media.

I was taking it to text my brother-in-law, Mark.

“Mark! We look good, dude. Kansas City loves you!”

Drake and me.

The next country music artist to go big-time looks exactly like my brother-in-law.

The first time Scott and I saw Drake White sing was in Nashville for the National Wild Turkey Federation convention. Drake walked into the Banded Nation’s booth. He brought one guitar and one microphone. That’s it. Drake fell into his own world of whistling and foot stomping for the small, gathering crowd.  His confidence, the lyrics – it radiated happy. The kind of happy that makes you want to sing and dance. Where’s my beer?

Drake made eye contact with me during one of his happy songs in Nashville.

My mouth dropped open.

Me: Scott.

Scott: Shhhh.

Me: No, Scott.

Scott: What?

Me: Doesn’t he look like Mark?

Scott blinked hard.

Me: It’s like, the more you look at him, the more he morphs into Mark.

Scott: I’m so confused.

Me: Is this like a cousin or something?

Scott and I squinted at Drake. Drake made eye contact with me again.

Me: Scott, I dunno, should I wave?

Scott: Wave?

Me: The real Mark would know he’s caught.

Scott: Don’t wave.’s uncanny.

Me: Right?! I’m going to wave. I just want to walk up to him because I feel like I know him.

Scott took pictures of Drake and started texting his family.

Me: Ask your mom if she had twins and had to give one up.

Scott: What?

Me: How does this guy look like Mark so much?

Scott: I don’t know but this guy sounds amazing.

Me: You think the real Mark can sing like him? Video this. Maybe it is Mark. Maybe he never told us about his side job. I can see him being sneaky like that.

Scott: Shhhh.

Me: I can’t.

Scott: I’m going to ask this guy to perform for our company at a trade show.

Scott never stopped listening to Drake White. Drake has two songs on iTunes right now. But you can also listen to more songs by streaming his YouTube music from your phone to your car’s speakers. This is what Scott does. He knows all the words to every song.

I just sit here and compare pictures of Drake and Mark.

Uncle Mark.

I could do this all day. But I won’t bore you.

I will post Drake White’s single for you because he’s the next big country star. If you want a selfie with Drake, you better double check – you might just be asking Mark.


Have you ever met two people that look exactly alike? Do you know anyone that looks so much like a celebrity, they could be mistaken for them? I can’t wait for Drake to get huge and giggle in the corner when fans ask Mark for autographs.