A Little Bit

About Me

Hello. It is Julie Anderson’s Blog. I’ve been an active blogger since I had my first child Annie.

  • Who I Am

    I was a die-hard fan of KSU (Kennesaw State University) when I was in College. I was a member of some school and community organizations. I was into Journalism and I guess an activist in some parts of my life back then.

    Then it all changed when I decided to settle down with Ron who became a school boyfriend of mine since prom. Those were the days to cherish and we are living the dream now to raise a beautiful family of our own.

    I was loved when growing up and I am really thankful everyday that I still get to return all the good things that my parents did for me. I hope they’ll always be perfectly healthy so they can play with my kids on their monthly visits.

  • My Philosophy

    I actually have a different perspective on becoming a mom. I just want a freestyle parenting – just deal with everything using our understanding of goodness and knowledge about the good & bad side about life, no pressure. I love teaching my kids the value of honesty and firmly believing into something. That we all have to fight for our rights in this country. Well, yeah they are still too young to dwell into that. But I can now see stronger personalities in them at this point.

    This blog is for all mothers out there who encounter parenting issues. I’m sure you can find something helpful here. Otherwise, leave your comments, subscribe to my list or contact me for any issues you wish to address.

Never lessen the love for thy self. It is that love that pulls the heartstrings of the people around you, so they can love others too, like you do.