I’m moving.

I’m moving.
Boom. Got you to read.
Good. it’s good for you to read. I don’t care if others look at you and roll their eyes because you’re “on your phone.” Screw them. You’re reading. It’s good for your soul.
I’m moving.
I’m moving in the land of the Internet – the space on your phone, if you will. I’m moving my blog. I’m changing the name and the design. I’m getting new photos taken. I’m even changing the domain name. Don’t worry – I will move my old posts because you don’t throw out the furniture when you move. Ok, the good furniture.
Until then, I’ll still be writing. You already know where to find me – Facebook, memes on Instagram, Twitter, Simply KC magazine, and wherever my name falls on the by-lines of the Internet.
I’ve been writing on my blog since 2009. It’s going to feel weird not posting anything for a little bit but moving is necessary at this point in my writing career. I grew out of the house I built.
Thank you for reading my words. You’re going to love the new place. I promise.
((I’ll link the new site here when it’s ready.))


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