This page is intentionally left blank.

I fell asleep writing a blog post yesterday.

Yesterday was my birthday. 36 years old.

It was a tame one, as I would expect any 36th birthday to be. I didn’t even get a cake or ice cream. But I did get to introvert. My houseguests left. The wedding party left. The Russians left. The leftovers went down my drain. The beer, wine, and liquor is put away. My house is quiet and it’s the four of us again.

Thanksgiving, a rehearsal dinner, and a wedding – done. I’m exhausted.

This page is intentionally left blank.


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6 thoughts on “This page is intentionally left blank.

  1. Glad you had a relaxing birthday, those wedding weekends will wear you out. My middle daughter got married 7 years ago on Thanksgiving weekend. Took my liver a week to recover. 75 for Thanksgiving at our house, guy day watching football on Friday, then rehearsal dinner and separate party for 50 out of town guests fri night at our house, then wedding on Saturday and still had guests at the house on Sunday. Monday recovery and back to work Tuesday, of course I was a little younger then. Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Enjoying the month of columns this November keep up the good work.


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