The after-fire commentary by Emma and Kate.

Day 11.

Over a third of the way done.

If you’re just now joining me, I am writing every day for the month of November. It’s called NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. I am a part of a writing group that calls it Nano Poplano because peppers sound better.

All you need to know is that I’m posting every day. I don’t plan the posts. I sit down when I figure out what I’m going to write about and I write.

Two days ago, I wrote about a 9-1-1 call I made. My toaster caught on fire. [If only the firefighters didn’t call me gluten free]

It’s the most popular post during this writing challenge so far. Writing a story like that is easy to me because the story wrote itself. If you re-read about that day, the only people that didn’t make an appearance were my children. My daughters, Emma and Kate, were at school at the time.

They’re making their appearance now.

The after-fire commentary by Emma and Kate Burton:


Emma: Wake up, mom!

Me: Hey, boo. Will you turn on my coffeemaker? All you have to do is flip it on, I already set it up last night.

Emma: Yeah. Hopefully you didn’t screw that up and it catches fire too.


Kate: So what happened when you dialed 9-1-1?

Me: Well, they ask what kind of emergency it is.

Kate: (high-pitched voice) Um, hi! My name is Julie Burton. And um, I, like, totally set my toaster on fire. I am a horrible cook. (laughs). Can a firefighter save me?


Kate: I told my class you set our house on fire with a toaster.

Emma: I told all my friends too!


Me: I wish you girls were here to see the firetruck. Here’s a picture.

Emma: No, mom. So embarrassing. The smoke alarms didn’t even go off.


Emma: Can I have Eggos?

Me: Uh, no toaster.

Emma: Toast?

Me: What about bread and butter?

Emma: That is so disgusting. Who sets a toaster on fire?

Me: I didn’t do it on purpose! I’ll put a toaster on my birthday list.

Emma: Here, just buy one today and that’ll be my gift. Don’t make us wait that long for Eggos.


Kate: Does dad know you called 9-1-1?

Me: Yes. I called and told him what happened. Why wouldn’t he?

Kate: I don’t know. Sounds like something you would tell us not to tell dad.


Kate: I’m going to make biscuits for breakfast. Is that ok?

Me: Sure.

Kate: Don’t worry. I won’t burn the house down like you.


Kate: Hey, Emma! Remember when mom set the house on fire with a toaster and the firefighters showed up without a smoke alarm?


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4 thoughts on “The after-fire commentary by Emma and Kate.

  1. Lol I laughed at every single one of these. Your kids were on fire when they were making these puns and quips 🙂

    I nearly died with the classroom one. The shame! The shame!

    And the Eggos made me think of Stranger Things, since I’ve just finished watching the 2nd season and Eleven is going mad eating them all. Now I am hungry again and will have to forage in the kitchen. But I will stay away from the toaster for the time being, just in case your case is contagious.


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