The letter U.

I’ve been waiting for the letter U.

I wanted to write a post on this but never found the inspiration. It’s a personal subject matter. It’s one of those subjects that creeps up at the age of 35 and it makes me wonder if I’m doing it right.

The only way I know if I’m doing it right is if I pull your pants down.

The letter U.


What kind of underwear do you wear?

I mean, obviously, if you’re a guy you will have a completely different answer than what I’m wearing. Scott wears boxer briefs. He always looks good in them. He has the perfect bubble butt and you should really check him out sometime. He could be an underwear model.

I’m 35 and still wearing a string up my butt.

Ladies, are we still wearing thongs?

I started wearing thongs in high school because my best friend, Patti, wore thongs. It felt weird for a few weeks but then it didn’t feel like anything anymore. The stringier, the better.

High school Julie, college Julie, just married Julie: Thongs were acceptable and encouraged.

Pregnant Julie and postpartum Julie: I was still in my early 20s. I didn’t know any better. In fact, a string up my pregnant butt made me feel like I could still fit into something. I left the hospital in a big ‘ole pair of granny panties with an ice pack stuffed down them. I thought my thong days were destroyed with the rest of my body.

Nope. I bounced back to my old ways.

Pregnant Julie again: The string up my pregnant butt was stretched even more. To threads.

And now, age 35 Julie: All I have are thongs. I have thongs from high school. I don’t even know how they survived 18 years. Holy shit. 18 years? I’m too old for thongs. Am I too old for thongs?

I tried “normal” bikini cut underwear. I can’t do it. It’s too much fabric. I feel like I’m wearing two pairs of pants and who needs pants anyway. At what age do women stop wearing thongs? I’m sure I’ll hang on to my drawer ‘o thongs from 1999 and roll those right into the nursing home in 40 years.

But really – what kind of underwear do you wear? I’m curious. I can’t exactly pull your pants down. But I sorta pulled my own down and that’s why I never wrote about this until the letter U showed up.

Oh but before I leave, it’s not called panties. It’s called underwear.


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16 thoughts on “The letter U.

  1. Haha 😄. Great post, universal yet unique subject matter.
    39 year old me prefers the bikini cut. But there are always certain outfits that it’s better to wear a g-string under (I can’t call them thongs like you do … I’m Australian, to us thongs are things you wear on your feet lol).

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  2. Bikini cut. Always and forever.
    I have tried thongs, and I cannot, absolutely cannot get used to them. They are by far the most uncomfortable, irritating underwear around!!! I have friends who swear by them, but I just don’t understand!!!


    1. Oh good! So you have friends that wear them? I feel like I’m the only one!! 😂 even though I have no reason to believe I’m the only one.
      I can wear bikini cut if that’s the only thing I’m wearing, for instance – to bed.

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  3. I wear thongs…and in fact as I have gotten older I find them more comfortable than my other undies! I’m going backwards in time…more thongs the older I get! Funny post- thanks for making me laugh!


  4. Never thought I’d be talking about undies in a blog comment, but I’m all about showing support when it comes to underwear. And NO, they are not panties. Who in the world decided that’s what they were called? Nobody I know uses that department-store-only term.

    Back to thongs, though . . . I’m 52 and I just started wearing thongs a couple years ago and won’t give them up for anything. I was amazed at how comfy they are—really, like not wearing anything—and was hooked from the first wearing. It took me way too many years to find undies that were fun and still comfy. Grannie underwear only kills anyone’s self-esteem, especially with post-children body happening.

    Actually, in our house, my hubby and I call them fundies. Putting the “fun” back in “functional” is what it’s all about.


  5. I am on the large side of myself and have never tried a g-string that is what my age group called them. After having kiddos needed the tummy support. How does that work? Or is a thongs only for smaller sizes?


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