Hello, November 30.

Well, I didn’t write a novel.

That’s ok. It wasn’t my intention. I wrote for 30 straight days. It’s something I’ve never done before.

I don’t know why I agreed to the challenge. 30 consecutive days of writing, or anything really, takes a lot of discipline. This discipline happens to fall in November. November is not a care-free month like sexy July over there. Thank you, Pilgrims.

I finished Nano Poblano. I finished the damn thing.

Whether it made me a better writer, I don’t know. I didn’t go into 30 days with a plan. I didn’t use pre-written posts in the draft folder. I wrote every post on that day, at that moment. I learned it’s possible to find a story every day. I can write when I don’t feel like writing.

I also learned there are people that will read anything I write. You guys showed up for 30 consecutive days to read, spy on my family, laugh, cry, drool at Brett, glare at me in fury, or just escape your life for a minute or two. You shared my blog. You commented. You let me know you were listening. I gained readers.

After 30 days, I realized this is why I write. You.

There’s nothing special about me other than I write about my family. I’m not paid to do this. It’s not easy writing to an audience that includes my parents, ex-boyfriends, old elementary school friends, my kids’ teachers, Avatars, haters, my friend that shaves her face with me, and people I don’t know.

The people I don’t know are the easiest to write to.

Writing to every one of you in the same voice is, well, brave. It’s brave. I rarely speak to my parents about my sex life but I definitely speak to the friend that shaves her face with me about my sex life. My family and close friends see me when I’m sad or angry. Opening my door for everyone to see that puts me in a vulnerable spot. A joke is only a good joke if it’s told right. Maybe that’s why I’m good at making fun of myself.

Writing to a room full of people is a balance. You’re all watching.

I’ve been blogging for almost eight years. In those eight years, I never posted three days in a row. 30 days in a row pushed my writing limits. This is the real me. This is what goes on inside my head.

Thank you for letting me share my family and parts of my life with you.

You are so very loved.


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21 thoughts on “Hello, November 30.

  1. Congrats! I think the most challenging part, as you alluded to, is to block out WHO your diverse audience is, and just write and share…regardless of who might be reading.
    Good stuff Julie – thank you for sharing yourself 😁


  2. Congratulations! And for some reason I want to shout, “Soylent Green is people!” Not sure why, lol. Random I know. But you completed the 30 days — oh I remember now — people, us, your audience, you love us! I think I probably should go to sleep now, lol. ❀


  3. Congrats on finishing 30 days! You rock! I always check your blog because I get a good laugh. I keep checking in even after you called out the Broncos loss…tear πŸ˜‰


  4. It’s been an awesome 30-day journey with you! Thank you for sharing your life. You’re right, it’s been a great mini-escape. I hope you never stop writing!


  5. I clicked over from Coach Daddy’s blog (which is a great way to find fresh blog voices to read!) Writing every day is hard, especially when you don’t plan it out. Sounds like you nailed it.


  6. I’ve been meaning to come back here and comment, and I finally did.

    You rocked November! Seriously – I know I could have never done that. Yes, I did NaNoWriMo – even wrote 54K, but that story is nowhere near being done. Oh, and did I mention that it sucks?
    Your work moved you forward, it gave you purpose, it honed your skills (and you were already an amazing writer) and it grew your audience. PLUS – I saw the new column you’re going to be doing. Girl – you are real deal! Again I say, I am so proud of you!


      1. I can’t wait to read the column. Can I go online and order a subscription? I would love to see that every month.
        As for my book, I’m flattered that you’re interested. I was revising the first chapter this morning. I may totally take you up on that – we all need a writing buddy, right?


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