These are a few of my favorite things.

I don’t want to write.

I’m tired. I’m stressed. I have a headache. I need to get my hair dyed. I look like I’m 80-years-old.

I have an idea! Let’s pretend I’m Oprah!

Here are a few of my favorite things…Or wait, maybe that’s Julie Andrews.

“Here are a few of …” (I’m singing.) “Here are a few of my favorite books.” Don’t even think about it Scott, this is not a cheat sheet. I already have these books. I’m helping others.

I love almost all books but my favorite genre is historical fiction. In order for me to classify which books are my favorite, they usually leave an impression on me years later. These books all get a 5/5 star rating from me.

  • Ursula, Under by Ingrid Hill – this story is about a little girl that falls down a mine shaft. The story then goes backwards, through her family lines, to tell you how she came into existence. If you have any interest in family history, you would love this story.
  • 11/22/1963: A Novel by Stephen King – This is a time travel book. A high school teacher discovers a way to slip into the past. He tries to stop the JFK assassination. I won’t tell you the rest. This is written under the assumption that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. I have doubts about that. Yes, I’m a conspiracy theorist.
  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee – Gotta love a classic. Go Set a Watchman is not as good. It’s not horrible; go give it try. You can’t really top your one and only classic, Harper Lee. You probably knew that and that’s why it wasn’t released until after your death.
  • Middlesex: A Novel by Jeffery Eugenides – Every time a pregnant woman wants to know the sex of her baby before a sonographer or blood test tells her, I think of this book. Cal was born a baby girl but is actually a boy. The book is a little uncomfortable. But it’s uncomfortable like looking at car wreck as you drive by. You can’t help but look and send a prayer.
  • Timebound by Rysa Walker – I did not want this book to end. This is another time travel book. A girl realizes her grandmother and grandfather are time travelers and she discovers she has the gift to travel back in time too. And OH MY GOD, AMAZON. Kindle. Who’s in charge of telling me this information? IT’S A TRILOGY. No wonder I wanted more. Ok, Scott. You still reading?  You can add Time’s Edge and the Time’s Divide. Thank you.
  • The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – I’m not a smart person. I’m not a smart reader either. This book made me feel smart. It’s about a woman discovering a family secret. She sets out to solve the secret – to find the real Dracula that hasn’t died in thousands of years.
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – Clearly, I have a time travel book problem. I know this is a movie with Rachel McAdams but the book is better. This is a love story. The husband time travels to his past and his future. He doesn’t get a choice when he travels, he just disappears. He knows his future before it happens but he has to put the pieces together like a puzzle because he doesn’t travel in order.
  • The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls – This is not a time travel book. It’s a true story. Jeannette Walls writes about growing up poor, living a nomad life with her mom, dad and siblings. Today, she is a news writer for She hid her flawed upbringing until she wrote this book.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – This book reminds me of Game of Thrones but uh oh. Time travel. I need a new book genre.

And there you go. These are just at the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll think of 20 more time traveling books I forgot to tell you about.

There. Done writing for today. Now I just want to read. You should read too.


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12 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things.

  1. I watched the hulu version of 11/22/63… I was not very happy with it. No desire to read the book, lol. But I am like you, a conspiracy theorist. 🙂

    Timebound and The Historian seem interesting, I might add those to my wish list.


    1. I didn’t know there’s a Hulu version! Hmmm… I took a class in high school, I think it was called “current history” or something. Everyone knew it was really the “JFK conspiracy” class. My teacher was/is OBSESSED. I think he’s had a part on one of those history channel’s documentaries. One of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken in my life. Oswald didn’t kill him!!

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  2. As an avid reader who spent half of 3rd grade fantasizing about bringing Laura Ingalls forward into 1975 Norton, KS so I could show her planes, television and automobiles; I agree wholeheartedly with your list.

    The only ones you shared that I haven’t read are Ursula, Timebound and The Historian. They’ve been added to my list!

    I have watched some of the Outlander series from Starz and it is very well done. Otherwise, I usually avoid cinematic versions of books I enjoy. In fact, I’ve read the whole GoT series and have yet to watch a minute of the series on HBO.

    The impact of historical fiction on my willingness to study history has been critical. I’d much rather hear or read a story than trudge through a textbook. Prime examples that spring to mind that you didn’t mention are the cast album to Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical about Alexander Hamilton(duh! Not a novel, I realize) and The Red Tent, about the wives of biblical Jacob. Like yours, these are just a few off the top of my head that have had a long-lasting impact on me.

    I’m glad you shared so I could take a trip down memory lane. 😊Your history teacher sounds like a gem!

    PS. Oh – The Winds of War series by Herman Wouk – MUST. READ. The Hiding Place, Molokai, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Jacob Have I Loved……. 💗


  3. In school we read The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls as a class. She then came and spoke to us about her experiences growing up and the success that she found later in life. It is also one of my favorite books!

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  4. I am starting to dislike time travel stories. There’s just too much “if this got changed, then this would happen” going on. Too many loopholes. I’m giving up on them, for the time being, at least.


      1. You mean besides my own?

        This will probably sound ridiculous after my original comment, but my favorite book is Timeline by Michael Crichton. In my defense, if you read the book, and ignore the horrible film adaptation, it’s actually about the multiverse, not time travel.


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