Five truths and a lie.

There are five shocking truths and one lie about me.  * You can guess the lie but I won’t tell you which one.

I can draw. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I excelled in art. I won child art awards including one from the Kansas City Star (newspaper). I have painted murals for churches and can still help my kids out when they’re required to draw anything for homework. Sometimes I wish I went to an art school after high school.

I was on an airplane on 9/11. I flew from Los Angeles to Kansas City during the early morning hours of 9/11. The only reason I flew on this day was because my flight was delayed. I was supposed to land on September 10th. The planes of 9/11 were on their way to Los Angeles.

I almost flunked out of college. Freedom, not being book smart, and using whiskey to overcome shyness in college equals failing grades. If I never met Scott, I may not have graduated from K-State. I turned my grades around after I met him and ended up with a 3.2 grade average.

We got pregnant with both Emma and Kate within one month of going off the pill. Scott and I never got to “try” for a baby. I don’t know what to say other than I was young and fertile. This fact scares me so much that I’m good at taking my birth control pill at the same time every day – even as I near the “advanced maternal age.”

While in college, Playboy magazine asked me to be in their Big 12 college issue. I told them no because I didn’t know whether it would hurt my future career. The only reason I considered saying yes was because it would be a good story to tell my future grandkids after I was wrinkly and sagging.

I have depression. When I was diagnosed with depression I wasn’t “sad.” But I was sleeping a lot – so much I would fall asleep in grocery store parking lots or in the garage after I dropped the kids off at school. I am on medication and I speak to a therapist. I am better but she recently told me I have imposter syndrome, which is common with writers.


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12 thoughts on “Five truths and a lie.

  1. I was actually thinking of doing a post like this for the pepperdom. I might have to now that I’ve seen someone else do it.

    I’m going to guess the flunking out of college one, if only because I can claim it is a compliment.


  2. It’s awesome that you’re posting daily! I go through my phone’s email inbox every morning in bed before I even put on my glasses, methodically swiping away all the junk so I can sort out the nuggets I actually want to read. Your hilarious posts accumulated quickly into a little Netflix-worthy binge collection. I used to have to wait a long time between hearty morning laughs. I think that the almost flunking out of college one was the lie. I’m guessing it might be the other way around and you kept Scott on the straight and narrow. Or the art one. Hmmmmm.


    1. You’re so sweet! And I thought I was annoying everyone’s inbox.
      It hasn’t been that bad, writing every day. Just hope I can pull through on the rest of the days…
      I might reveal the lie at the end of 30 days 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3.  Guess:  The lie is “You have Depression” ! LaJeana R. Morgan May the Lord of Heaven and Earth Bless You And Make His Face To Shine Down upon you!   P.S. Life is to short. Live, Laugh and Love


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