Tatted up.

You were built inside a woman. Her body made your bones, your two sets of teeth, your organs and your skin. Wait, I think I heard somewhere that your skin is an organ. I should google that.

My point is that parents tend to take ownership over you because you are extension of them. And they should take ownership over you, up to a certain age. Parents need to teach their young how to survive in this world. When you become a parent, you become a teacher.

Sometimes parents have all the answers.

Sometimes parents don’t.

When there isn’t an answer, the answer is, “Because I said so.” It’s not necessarily a good explanation but it works. Ok, sometimes it works.

“Dad, can I get my belly button pierced?”


“But why?”

“Because I said so.”

I got my belly button pierced anyway. I was in high school. My dad found out a few weeks later. My dad chased me around the house, trying to rip the piercing out. My siblings stood in the corner and watched with imaginary halos on their heads. I was horrified for the amount of blood that might spew.

My dad never got the belly button ring out. He calmed down. He’s not an violent father. But he is a father of four and my siblings and I had a reputation of sending babysitters home – never to be seen again.

I’m guessing from my dad’s reaction, he would have said no to a tattoo request. He still repeats the story about my mom taking me to get my ears pierced at age 2. “Oh, my poor little Julie. My little girl came home in tears because they put holes in her ears. I couldn’t take it.”

I’ve never asked my dad why he’s against tattoos or piercings. I’m guessing he doesn’t want us to regret it later in life. Or maybe he fears an infection. But knowing my dad, he most likely thinks we’ll look like drunk pirates on the high seas with a bottle of rum. I always did like Captain Morgan.  

Other than a few piercings, no one in my family or Scott’s family has any body modifications.

Scott got his first tattoo last week. He’s talked about getting a tattoo for years. Not only did he get his first tattoo, he got a half sleeve. He booked the tattoo appointment months ago. The tattoo took 7 hours.


It’s a hunting scene. A hunter is aiming an arrow at a deer. The ground is a deer skull. The trees in the woods are the deer skull’s antlers. There’s smoke swirling.

The tattoo is not done yet. Scott goes back at the end of this month for another 7 hours to finish up details and to wrap the tattoo further into the back of his arm.

Scott didn’t ask permission from his parents. His parents didn’t even know about the tattoo until the pictures showed up on their phone. They are happy Scott is happy. Or maybe parents get to the age where they don’t care anymore. The tattoo is Scott. I can’t think of a better image for his arm. He’s thinking about adding a marlin tattoo on the other arm.

As for me, I’m planning on getting an anchor on the inside of my forearm. It will represent my love for fishing beside Scott.

Fishing on the high seas with a bottle of rum. Because I said so.



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10 thoughts on “Tatted up.

  1. I don’t get the tattoo thing. My wife has one on her shoulder to honor her deceased mother, and that one I understand, but the covering your whole arm thing, I don’t get. It just seems like a waste to me.

    I suppose I’m just not a tattoo person. To each their own.


  2. I like tattoos on others and respect their decisions but I myself don’t want one nor do I want my kids to get one. First, I don’t need anymore needles or pain in my life and I prefer my kids’ bodies remain virgin like. LOL My son will be entering the police academy next week and he loves to fish and hunt so I am somewhat prepared for that day. I think it’s the fear of what their grandparents would say that has halted their inking. 😎. I agree that Scott’s is pretty cool!


  3. I waited till I was 39 to get a tattoo, but then all of a sudden I was like, what am I waiting for. It is a sanskrit mantra on my bicep. I love it. It was the same story for me. Of course my parents wouldn’t let me get one when I was a kid, but they were cool with it at 40.


  4. LOVE it!! Griff has a half sleeve also. Tats are hot. Your tat plan is great. Random tattoos or flair off the wall are very different than something that has meaning for your family. Also, in response to everyone that says what about when you are old . . . What will it look like then? Who cares . . . You are wrinkly you are wrinkly.


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