Something unfinished.

I do not know her personally.

Or maybe I do know her personally but in the same way many others know her personally. After reading a writer’s thoughts for a long period of time, it can feel personal. It’s more accurate to say we have never met face-to-face.

Her name is Ra.

She is an incredibly gifted writer, one of the greats I can’t compare myself to. No, really. If you spend a few minutes on her blog or read her book, she’ll easily pull you in. Her life story is a fascinating one but I’m only giving you a tiny part of it.

A few years ago, her husband tried to get her interested in Instagram by giving her a 30-day list of “somethings” to post. Something fragile, something shocking, something terrifying, something lucky, something obvious, something far, something near…

Tragedy struck.

Ra’s husband died. Ra is a young widow. She found her late husband’s 30-day list and is taking his challenge. She welcomed others to join too. I will post it all to my Instagram. If I can, I will write about each one too because I love a good writing challenge.

Writing is my Olympics.

Read the 30-day list here.

Day 1: Something unfinished.

I could make this one easy and tangible. I never finished the Game of Thrones books because the TV show is better. A year after moving, Scott’s home office is still unpacked with boxes scattered on the floor. And I still need to install a toilet paper roll in Emma and Kate’s bathroom. Once the butt-wiping days disappeared, I didn’t even give them a decent toilet roll set-up.

I’m not going to write about those things.

Continuing education is my “something unfinished.” This may sound odd to some because  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kansas State. Class of 2004.


I was 22 years old. A baby. A mere one year into walking out of a liquor store with a bottle of cheap whiskey. I mean, legally speaking.

Did I know what I wanted to do with my bachelor’s degree and cheap bottle of whiskey? No. I was 3 years deep in a state of panic over deciding a major. I wasn’t good at anything. I was a 3.2 average student with no desire but to just pass class. 

I couldn’t decide.

Education degree? No. Kids can sense apprehensiveness and they would destroy me immediately.

Medical degree? I’m squirming and trying to hold down chunks at the thought of it.

Chemistry degree? Kansas State University can thank me for not choosing a chemistry degree because I’d probably blow up one of their buildings and my lifeless body would be wheeled out live on CNN.

Business? My negotiation skills at a garage sale can be summed up by my “it’s all free” sign in my driveway.

Math degree? Yeah, I don’t speak Chinese.

Art degree? Wait, did you say I need a portfolio from high school? No one told me that.

Journalism? Fine, I’ll do it. I read the newspaper.

A journalism degree. A Bachelor of Arts degree: Mass communications with an emphasis in advertising. Technically.

Marriage, kids, various sales jobs filled the years since 2004. I was terrible at sales. I’m an ok mom and an even ok-er wife.

In 2013, 9 years after college, it clicked. I found my major. I found my drive, my obsession, my purpose as a human in this world – writing. People that are good at what they do have confidence. Writing doesn’t scare me. “I could have wrote that” is a common thought of mine. I’m jealous when my kids bring home book reports or anything that involves a lot of writing. I told you a writing challenge is my Olympics. I’m good and I strive for great.

My something unfinished is an English degree. My words are small. My vocabulary is weak. I’m still the 3.2 average student and I can only work with what I know. I know how to start and keep a dialogue in front of thousands of people, people I don’t know personally. Writing is a way to release my creativity, wit, and maybe a little humor.

People assume I’m silently correcting their grammar when they find out I write. That’s not true. The editors are. When my words are put on the stage, there’s always a person behind my name. It’s the editor. Editors make writers look good. They are masters of the language. I want that. I want to be a master.

I own English textbooks even when I don’t have a class to attend. I read books on writing by famous writers. I’m searching for better ways to string my words together. It sounds simple – stringing words together, letter by letter, but it’s difficult. It’s unfinished.

English is my something unfinished.


Wait, don’t go! Find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I have 29 days to go. What’s your something unfinished? 

11 thoughts on “Something unfinished.

  1. I loved this Julie! I love everything you write – no really!
    Your unfinished is my unfinished business, too. Writing is all that I ever really want to do – as I find myself dreading a week-long work trip to Philly.
    I know that we have said this, but we seriously need to get together – perhaps swap English books and green tractors.
    So, this unfinished business of yours. How do you plan to finish it???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! We do need to get together!! There’s so many good writers in Kansas. The best ride Johnny Boy. πŸ™‚
      No clue how to finish my unfinished business…keep writing is my only goal for now. Keep submitting writing to others.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. LOVE!!! My something unfinished is my Masters degree. I wanted to obtain this before baby-that won’t happen now, but I am bound to complete it before baby turns into an elementary school kid. I love writing-I have my own private blog, my own journal, my own thoughts. I love to help people write-out loud, okay-I love to help people talk, to get creative in their expressions-my Masters will be in Speech Language Pathology so those who have a harder time articulating their words can learn to gain confidence. Confidence is beautiful. Seeing letters after my name excites me-Emily Allgood Dill M.S, C.C.C, S.L.P.-I need three years from today to obtain those letters. I can’t wait to accomplish my “something unfinished” Go get that English degree!


  3. “Writing is my Olympics.” – Yes! I love this, and I’m really hoping you’ll join us for NanoPoblano this year when we blog every day in November– I love reading your work. Thank you for joining me in the challenge, I can’t really explain how heart-warming it is to see Dave’s inspiration-handiwork everywhere I go. You are a beautiful human. ❀


    1. I was thinking the same thing while writing this – I wish Dave could have seen all these people writing and posting pictures of his challenge. I’m happy to make your heart warm.
      Ok, count me IN in November πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great blog and great writing… keep it up. And not that you necessarily need it, but if you are looking for another title for your shelf, try _Style: Basics in Clarity and Grace_. I use it in my upper-division composition courses. Not only do the short, clear chapters help my students, they have helped my own writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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