Game of Thrones.

I should be writing.

I mean, I know I’m writing. But this sort of writing is a guilty pleasure type of writing. I don’t need to worry if this writing is any good or not. This kind of writing doesn’t have a deadline or a boss or tens of thousands of readers.

I’m the boss and I can write what I want. My life. My blog.

My favorite qualities in my dear husband, Scott:

  1. He’s encouraging. Scott will find what makes you you and then he’ll remind you. Every day if he has to. He’ll remind you what you’re good at. He will pick you up, take you fishing, and build you a writing room. I mean, if he has to.
  2. He has a cute butt. Two perfect bubbles. You can look. He won’t mind.
  3. He has an mania-obsession for Game of Thrones that should be looked at by a psychologist but it’s so damn funny I don’t want his jokes to stop. The man makes me laugh.


Scott: Bug, you need to watch Game of Thrones with me.

Me: I’m reading the book. And you know what happens when we watch shows together – you go out of town and I continue watching without you.

Scott: What?

Me: What.


Scott: So Bran fell because he saw some dude having sex with the queen?

Me: If you’d read the book, you’d know the ‘dude’ is her twin brother.



Me: I quit reading Game of Thrones. Too many characters. I’m getting confused. And I have other books I want to read.

Scott: Then watch it with me!

Me: I’m not really into fantasy.

Scott: It’s not fantasy.

Me: Yes, it is. Castles, knights, and dragons. It’s fantasy.

Scott: It’s violence and romance. It’s not fantasy. Don’t say it’s fantasy.


Me: How was work?

Scott: Fine, m’lady.

Me: M’lady?

Scott: Wait, are you going to turn this into a blog post?


Scott: Every time I take my belt off, I feel like I’m taking off my sword.


Scott: Man, we got hammered last night. What did we drink?

Me: Well, Lindsay and I split a bottle of wine and then you decided you wanted wine too and you poured yourself a glass. Then you kept ordering more bottles of wine. Maybe it’s because we’re in Florida.

Scott: Oh yeah! I had one glass of wine then imagined myself on Game of Thrones and kept pouring more. I’ve been craving wine ever since I started watching.


Scott: I climbed 100 flights of stairs on the stair stepper today.

Me: That’s insane. I did 30 flights. How do you not get bored?

Scott: I watched an episode of Game of Thrones.


Scott: Did you notice what the band played at the 4th of July neighborhood party?

Me: Hm, no? They’re an Irish band. Devil Went Down to Georgia?

Scott: No! I mean yes, but they also played the Game of Thrones theme song.

Me: What.

Scott: I’m like ‘hey! I know that song! Game of Thrones!’ I looked around and no one was watching. So I got my phone out and I filmed them. Want to watch?



Me: Ew, no. Why?

Scott: Season 5 just ended. I broke out in a sweat. Feel it. Feel my heart race.


Me: Scott. Get up. All you do is come home from work, eat, and sit on that damn couch and watch Game of Thrones.

Scott: Do you remember when we first got married and we couldn’t stop watching 24? We would go all night watching just one more episode.

Me: Yeah.

Scott: It’s just like that but better. I’m emotionally connected to these people.

Me: You’re what?

Scott: They’re like my friends.

Me: Oh. My God.


Scott: I only have one more episode left before I’m caught up.


Scott: I think I may save it for tomorrow. I’ll have something to look forward to after work.


Scott: Goodnight.


Scott: What do I do now? It’s over.

Me: Hang out with your family. Even Kate growls when she hears the words ‘Game of Thrones.’

Scott: I feel like…like college just ended or something. I don’t know what to do with my life.

Me: What?! And you think I’m dramatic.

Scott: Hold on. I’m downloading the soundtrack.


Scott: I can’t fall asleep without Game of Thrones.

Me: Why don’t you watch the outtakes or something? I’m sure there’s something on YouTube.

Scott: …let’s see…mother of dragons Jimmy Kimmel.


Me: Fine, Scott. I’ll pause my book and start Game of Thrones. I just don’t want to go to your level of not being productive.



Me: Huh? What did I write?

Scott: You posted something on your Facebook page that was a Game of Thrones spoiler! Look at Jessica’s comment! You’re already pissing people off.

Me: But there are spoilers everywhere. That movie I saw last night had a spoiler! And that soundtrack you downloaded shows dead faces! I like spoilers. I can emotionally prepare myself and not get too attached. And thanks for telling me Jon Snow dies.


Me: Bad Moms, the movie I saw last night. My mouth dropped. There are spoilers everywhere, Scott. You can’t get mad at me.

Scott: Just don’t post anything else or you’ll get people making comments about more spoilers.


Me: I heard on the radio today that Game of Thrones’ last season will be season 8. Like final – no more ever.

Scott: Yes. I knew that. Duh.

Me: But they announced it yester…

Scott: Yeah, I know.


Scott: I woke up last night and I heard you watching Game of Thrones in bed.

Me: Oh, you should have asked me to turn it down.

Scott: I turned around, smiled, and went back to sleep.


I should be writing.

But now I have Game of Thrones to watch.


Wait, don’t go! Find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I won’t post any Game of Thrones spoilers.

11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones.

  1. You know, I’m a little surprised Scott hasn’t found blogs or forums with people talking about it. He kept saying he wanted someone to talk to about what happened. I will say the show is much easier to follow than the books.


  2. I have binge watched every season in the last three weeks. I have two episodes left in season six and I will be completely caught up. My daughter got me hooked and now I don’t want it to end. She wears a plastic sword around on Sundays and has read all of the books. She’s 19 and I’m not but the sword thing is starting to look like fun.


  3. LMAO!! Your husband is my spirit animal. Keep watching, sister – I’ll know you’ve hit a certain episode in season 3 by the screams rising and traveling along I-70 to my house.
    There’s no going back. I want to name our new hunting dog Khaleesi. I might tell my Scott about it (the dog and the name) before next season starts.
    You are too cute 🙂


  4. My husband and I are crazed fans of the show! Me more than him. I have hosted two game of thrones parties, made the iron throne cake, dressed up as Khaleesi, have downloaded the opening theme song, and read blogs after it airs on TV.


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