It never rains on her birthday.

“Mom! UGH! It’s says strong thunderstorms on my birthday!”

Emma turned 10 years old on Tuesday. May 24th at 12:05 in the afternoon.

It never rains on her birthday.



Ten is just another birthday to her. In one of those ten years – I can’t figure out which one – presents switched from princess clothes and tiaras to books and nail polish.



She recieved more clothes than she would probably care for. But maybe that is how we raised her. I was never a mom to dress her up in dresses and bows.



And what is 10 years to her anyway? She won’t appreciate her birthday until the privileges come with them. 16 to drive. 18 to buy a lotto ticket. 21 to buy alcohol. She’ll appreciate her birthdays when the birthdays give her wings.



Birthdays are more meaningful to the parents, especially when the birthdays fall somewhere between the girl and the woman.



This is not one of those open letters. This is not a post for Emma with advice on growing up. She’s 10. She won’t listen to me.

It’s just another happy birthday post.

It never rains on her birthday.


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12 thoughts on “It never rains on her birthday.

  1. This was beautiful, Julie.
    Must be the rainy day and stormy weather that has me all misty and sentimental.
    Or…maybe it’s that I remember when my baby girl was 10.
    Loved this. xo


  2. Hello! Me again 🙂
    Not to put you on the spot, but would you mind if I featured this beautiful post in my next newsletter? It would contain your photo and a link to the article. I only have about 70 subscribers, but I know they would love this. NO obligation. I just loved it so much and wanted to share. xo


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