A writer.

I remember a conversation I had with my mom when I was a little girl.

I asked her what she thought I would be when I grew up. Her response was a librarian. And then she guessed my sister would marry Prince William and become a real princess.

I don’t recall what she guessed my brother and other sister would be. I just remembered I was a mere peasant.

Her guess was close – I am not a librarian but I do write for a living.

Whether or not I’m good at writing, I don’t know. I think I am. I think I’ve gotten better. Not, like, J.K. Rowling better but Julie Burton better.

Writing is a mind game.

It’s torture finding the right way to say something. I don’t use big words and I rarely write long posts. I’m not that smart. I want you to listen to what I have to say but getting you inside my head is hard.

Writing is the only place I can be confident.

I fall flat on my face skiing. I’m a horrific driver. My face trembles when I speak in front of a group. I fall silent when someone challenges me. I’m lanky and uncoordinated.

But writing –

I know I need to grab your attention in the beginning. I know I need to keep you reading or you’ll never come back. Your time cannot be wasted. I need to have a point to everything I write or I’ll lose you. You might believe what I write is wrong. That’s ok. At least you listened. You might believe what I write is funny. Or not. But that’s just me being me. I make jokes at funerals. It’s how I soothe myself.

I would much rather you read these words from the comfort of your home in your pajamas than you showing up at my front door with no warning. I’m most likely dancing in my kitchen with a towel on my head, only stopping to write several thoughts down. You’re not allowed to see that.

Once in awhile, I don’t believe it – a writer. I write on this blog. Doesn’t count, anyone can start a blog. I write in a journal. That really doesn’t count, anyone can write in a journal. I write for a Kansas City magazine. It’s not hard, anyone can do this.

This is not an “I’m quitting” post. No way am I quitting. I love the torture. My job is to let people hang out with my thoughts every day.

It’s just sometimes my mind wanders into what my life would be like as a peasant librarian, bowing to her Royal highness.


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24 thoughts on “A writer.

  1. No way, no how, could I ever see you as a mousey, little, peasant librarian. You have a voice. You have presence. You have attitude! Keep doing what you’re doing, girl. We love you.


  2. I know I just commented a day or so ago on another post, but I HAD to comment here. You just voiced the same ideas I have when I write. I doubt myself every word, phrase, and paragraph. I never know for sure if I’m expressing my thoughts correctly or effectively, but I also know that I can’t NOT write. It’s what I have to do. And if someone actually takes the time to read it, well that’s just a bonus!! Keep doing what you do, Julie. You do have a voice and I like to read about it!


    1. I know, right??? It’s like a jalapeño. I love it so much but it’s torture-love. Do you have a blog? It’s not showing up when I click your name?
      Thank you for the sweet words. 🙂


      1. Love the jalapeño analogy! Yes, I have a blog. Not sure why it’s not showing up. I tried one a few years ago (talking about life in general) but had to shut it down because some creeper guy was saying odd shit. My current blog follows my weight loss journey using a nutritional cleansing program. Here’s the link if you’re interested: https://isagenixkaren.wordpress.com/


  3. You are a “chill” “dope” writer!!! I love your style and your humor. 🙂 That’s kind of sad what your mama said…:( We are all guilty (as parents) of saying things we shouldn’t say to our children. Anyhoo, keep on writing, girl! 🙂


    1. In her defense, I was always the daughter with her nose stuck in a book. Little did I know, that’s the best way to learn how to write. And my sister…well every family has that princess. Lol. Prince Harry seems more fun anyway 😉

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  4. Haha, librarian! Probably the one who’s all nerdy and then at the end of the movie turns out to be a hottie! Maybe? Whatever. Lol. I like your writing because it’s fun and easy to relate to. Those are good things. I’m in a slump myself, so be proud of yourself for keeping at it. And NOT everyone can write for a magazine and interview famous people. You have to have something special for a publication to choose you for that. Even a KC magazine. 😉


  5. Julie, I’d like to read this post to my students. We have been writing quite a bit lately, and your post speaks to the sincerity of what writing can be…not just something your teacher makes you do. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Tell them if I could go back and re-do all my writing classes, I would use the “voice in my head” more. I always felt I had to write proper to get the A. Grammar and structure are important but don’t forget the voice. It’s what makes your piece a part of you.


  6. I’m with you, mama. It’s a blessing and a curse at times! Did you read Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic yet?? It will make you laugh out loud and feel so relieved that someone else understands this gig.


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