50 happy things.

I don’t watch TV.

I don’t have a reason why. I would rather spend my time doing other things – like cruising the Internet. Blogs are my TV shows. My entertainment. The beauty of reading a blog post is that you can respond and, most of the time, the blogger will respond back to you. It’s interactive.

Meet Samara. I couldn’t tell you how I found her blog. I was flipping through the channels one day and I stopped. And well, I let you read about her. But to sum it up, I’m Kansas and boring. She’s New York and has better stories. I’m trying to think of two TV shows that can show our differences but I don’t watch TV.

But she definitely wins the Emmy.

Through Samara’s blog I found a string of bloggers writing 50 Happy Things: Bloggers Unite in Flood of Gratitude. 50 things that brought happiness in 2015 – but written in ten minutes.

Here’s Samara’s. 

And here’s mine. 50 things that made me happy in 2015 in ten minutes (I added pictures later, blogging is more time consuming than you think):

1  The Kansas City Royals. World Series Champs 2015. After years of watching a losing baseball team, I’m still shocked at reading this. Wait, what?

2  The Kansas City Chiefs. I love football more. And I love my city.

3  K-State’s head football coach, Bill Snyder. Considering his age, I’ll take every year I can get.

4  Scott Burton. My husband. This list is in no particular order.

5  Screenshots.


6  Luke Bryan.


This list is in no particular order.

7  Texting with gifs. 


8  Nashville, Tennessee.

9  Tennessee whiskey.

10  A new house. It’s beautiful. You should see it sometime.

11  A new puppy.


12  “A new puppy” with clenched teeth, a new house, and air-quotations.


13  You know what, I lied. I do watch TV. A show called, Sherlock on Netflix. I watch it everywhere: in bed, in the kitchen, in the pantry, the closet. Benedict Cumberbatch follows me.

14  Google search: Benedict Cumberbatch.

15  A convenient ride of shame at the top of a mountain. The story here. 


16  Yellowstone National Park.

17  Roadtrips. Well, at least the asshole cop that asked me to leave my car and sit in his gave me a good story to tell.

18  Fishing for yellowfin tuna in the Bahamas. (Translation: that’s good sushi, Kansans.)


19  Being one of the guys. Farts. Burps. Cussing like a sailor. Peeing in a bucket. I do it all.

20  Watching the United States Coast Guard be on its A-game at midnight. A silent helicopter, a silent boat and BOOM! GIANT SPOTLIGHTS. “GIVE US YOUR PASSPORTS.” I would post a picture but I got my toe stepped on when I tried to hold up my phone.

21  Brett Cannon. Without Brett, I wouldn’t be able to tell my tales on the high seas. And avoiding arrest by the United States Coast Guard for attempting to take a selfie with a helicopter over my head in the middle of the ocean.


22  Palm trees in November.


23  Frequent flyer miles.

24  Admitting when life gets difficult. Coming up with 50 things is hard.

25  Admitting when you’re repeating the same story over and over. Like a drunk person. Or repeating a years worth of old blog posts in a list of 50 happy things.

26  Oh Emma.


27  Oh Kate. 


28  Oh Emma, Oh Kate.


29  Cul-de-sac living. More Suburbia Ave. stories coming in 2016! My neighbors don’t know this yet. I’m waving.

30  Good music.


31  Born in the USA.

32  Now that I think about it, Scott should totally be Bruce Springsteen for Halloween.

33  Honesty.  “You have a spice in your tooth.” “Your fly is down.” “You look way better with long hair than short.” I need more people like this in my life.

34  A job I love.  I write for Simply KC magazine. I interview the people of Kansas City. I like telling their story to a large audience without having to actually stand in front of a large audience.

35  This blog.  I write about my life as it happens. But without an editor. Typos are all me.

36  You fine people reading this blog.  The ones I have never met in person.

37  The people reading this blog and shaking their head because they actually know me.  Stop it or I’ll write about you.

38  Moving.

39  Along.

40  Dead coyotes.

41  Epidurals. For Scott, not me.

42  Finally accepting my big hair. I used to hate it. Now I can rock a night out in Nashville like no one else.

43  Accepting that I’m only human.

44  Carbs.

45  The gym.

46  Sculpted shoulders. 

47  3.

48  2.

49  1.

50  Time’s up.


What made you happy in 2015? You don’t need to be a blogger to tell me. 

9 thoughts on “50 happy things.

  1. My top 50 in ten:
    1- Completing my trifecta-Spartan racer!
    2- Surviving Nashville, with you
    3- Whiskey, on the rocks
    4- My husband
    5- Family time-we got so much of it this year, feels the soul
    6- Kid free
    7- keeping our cousins, nieces and nephews; being able to return them to their owners.
    8- Graduating
    9- Friends to laugh at me, to laugh with, to laugh at them
    10- Books, let me read them all!!
    11- Chaos- our pitbull, but yes, chaos mixed in life in general.
    12- Concerts
    13- Touching Keith Urban
    14- Standing on the same ground in the same area at the same time with Chris Cornell
    15- Starting my career
    16- Fishing
    17- Traveling
    18- Road trips with loud music and fun company
    19- Halloween!
    20- Blowing out another set of birthday candles (my hubs knows me so well-candles on pizza instead of cake!)
    21- Finishing our home
    22- Shooting guns
    23- Late nights at the family farm
    24- Bon fires
    25- Food, lots and lots of food
    26- Gym membership
    27- Ending the gym membership-don’t no body like to see me run on those elliptical’s
    28- Making our own full gym at home
    29- making memories in our home and new town- water balloon fights
    30- Cigars and card tricks
    31- hikes with my sister
    32- Sibling sleep overs
    32- Still beating my brother at Nintendo
    33- Owning Nintendo
    34- Grill outs
    35- Out door movies
    36- Mama time
    37- Sports
    38- Bengals dominating this season
    39- Our Newlywed Small Group
    40- Learning to pray with and for each other, out loud. (Scary at first, but worth it)
    41- Watching my niece jojo grow and develop into her own little independent self
    42- Being the favorite aunt on our side (I’m the only one)
    43- Sweet talks with my Daddyjack (granddad)
    44- Loving on friend’s kiddos
    45- Food, have I mentioned that one!?
    46- Hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail with the hubs
    47- Camping
    48- kayaking/ lake life
    49- Exploring new ends of the world with my one
    50- Friends to bring in the new year playing sports with

    That was fun, and a great reminder. Enjoy, can’t wait to take on new adventures during 2016!


  2. Oh, you gave me a shout out!! Thank you!

    These pictures show a life WAY more interesting than mine. You’re all outdoorsy and stuff!
    I love sushi but I wouldn’t fish for it.
    And I think I love Scott, too. Just sayin’.


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