Saved by the Bell.

Maybe it was the fact that Zach Morris never had a beard.

Or maybe it was because Kelly Kapowski had bangs.

Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski – 2015 Burton Halloween portrait.

Greetings from Suburbia – where the dead trump Kelly Kapowski.




Yes, that is a real 90s cell phone. And yes. I said where the dead trump Kelly Kapowski.

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.



I mean, I don’t know – you tell me – were we in the presence of Michael Keaton and Patrice Martinez? Pom poms dropped.



Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski lost the Halloween costume contest. But so did a lot of characters: Little Red and her bad nightgown’ed wolf. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. A Popeye with boobs and an Olive Oyl with an adam’s apple. Wayne and Garth showed up. I believe I saw Hillary Clinton in the corner, begging for votes.

And then we have Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. But what if I told you this is the father of Beetlejuice. 


In the end, the trophy went to Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina under the direction of ….


Until next year – hosted by the Burtons.

Damnit, Scott. We need to up our game.

The traditional morning after picture. Kelly Kapowski only drinks from the #1 coffee cup. Oh look! So does Maverick.

8 thoughts on “Saved by the Bell.

  1. That’s some pretty stiff Halloween competition. Were those the people on your new sac who you heard were into Halloween? You’ll need to up your game indeed, but I’m sure you can talk Scott into something amazing, if it means not being losers, right? He seems competitive so get him onboard with a sweet Coneheads costume or something next year. Lol. My daughter broke her wrist on Halloween afternoon, so ours sort of sucked balls.


    1. Who knew that we landed where the costumes are drag-queen good. GOOD. Scott needed this street to show him how Halloween should be done. Scott is on board for his A-game next year. FINALLY. Thank you, Beetlejuice and Dr. Frank N Furter!!! Waving my Pom poms.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was very impressed with everyones costumes! I was so happy everyone had a blast! Also, extremely happy there were multiple people talking about what they were going to be next year! The bar has been raised but hopefully we got Scott finally excited about halloween!


      2. I don’t know how Scott made his 6 am flight!! But yes, highly creative neighbors…I think Scott (finally) realized there’s no such thing as going too far. 🙂 We brought the kid out of him!!


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