Phone dump.

Do you ever go to Vegas and get the sensation you’re being watched?

Well, you are being watched. The eye in the sky. Everyone knows that.

I don’t know what “the cloud” is but I get the sensation there’s someone up there watching, storing, and laughing behind a room of computer screens.

I got a new phone this week. The cloud saved my pictures because the cloud must know all. I pulled those pictures and saved them in the form of a blog post. My contact numbers are still floating around. I haven’t pulled those down yet.

So if you get a text from me asking, “who are you?” please don’t make a joke and say “I’m superman.”

Because I know that’s not true.

Scott and I are.


Just kidding. We’re not Clark Kent and Superman. Scott vetoed this Halloween costume but not before I got a picture of what could have been.


No, Emma and Kate are not mannequins either.


Mardi Gras girl? Nah.


Screw you and your beads. Tell ’em, Kate.

I just happened to catch her middle finger up. She’s not that kid.


But she is this kid hugging a bear with a latte.

Ugh. The “cloud.” Always watching. I swear we are good parents. Good people. Don’t believe everything you see on a computer screen.








Friends who know how to rhyme are always good to have around.



Well, at least the dog thinks we’re funny.


Like really funny.

I’m sorry. Scott can be mildly offensive.

A heavy flow and wide-set vagina.


Sometimes I think I am the man in this relationship.


Yes, there are women out there that love football and have a strong dislike for Alabama. And don’t even talk to me about K-State. Or the Chiefs.



Oh. He’s manned up now.



Cloud, you know how much I love that maps app. And I know Hakuna Matata means “no worries.”

I won’t worry, cloud. I have a new phone and I have a strange feeling there’s someone watching, storing, and laughing behind a room of computer screens.

3 thoughts on “Phone dump.

  1. Real men are comfortable enough to talk about our vaginas, even at its worse! That Kate is a sassy lil thang, isn’t she? Too cute. We got new phones too!!! It’s so a pain in the ass! We don’t use the cloud because I feel as though my daughter and wife and I will all have our crap mixed together and I don’t want my daughter seeing those boob pics my wife sends me all the time! Lol, in my dreams. I’d like to see the Chiefs give Chase Daniels a shot. I think he’d be the next Drew Breese, and I’m totally serious and not being biased because he played for MIZZOU.


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