Why men go bald.

Why do men lose their hair?

Some will say the wife and kids did it. Some say male baldness comes from the mother’s side of the family. Or maybe testosterone plays a role in hair loss.

I don’t know the real answer to this age-long question. But I do know that Scott’s maternal grandfather went to the pearly gates with a full head of hair. Testosterone. Well, Scott’s testosterone is enough to balance out a household of estrogen. And as far as the wife and kids making him go bald – well, that’s just ridiculous.


Come on.

Damnit, Scott. I won this one. You needed a doctor. I consulted our favorite go-to nurse.



I love Benton. She’s the kind of nurse that tells it like it is.

But. It’s too late.

Scott and Belle won an entry to the owner/pet look-a-like contest sponsored by Cesar’s dog food.



Scott was building a fence on the farm he leases with our friend, Brett. Here, Brett will show you exactly what Scott was doing when he got his head injury.

We’re past the maximum wait time of 24 hours. Scott is bald. He will always be bald in the little spot the fence post gashed him in the head.

Going bald, that’s fine. The real medical concern is keeping the wound from infection. We did our best. Our friend, Casey, brought his first aid kit in from his truck. It smelled like 1912.

FullSizeRender-4I’m kidding. It’s not from 1912.

But it is from World War 2. 1942 to be exact. I googled it while Casey shaved Scott’s head and smeared a faded yellow iodine swab on his head. The first aid kit Casey busted into is also worth about $100 on Etsy.

“I found it in a shed on the farm.”

Scott will probably never grow hair there again. A simple visit to a doctor was replaced by an iodine swab meant for an injured soldier 73 years ago. I’m going to go ahead and assume that 90-year-old veteran most likely doesn’t have hair on his head either.

And there you have it. Big tools, big boys and a refusal to see a doctor. That’s how a man goes bald.

Do you know any man – or woman – that refuses to see a doctor after an injury? Do you know anyone that refuses to see a doctor at all? How good are your nagging skills? Scott is lucky the gash hasn’t gotten infected. The first aid kit is still going strong, even if it is 73 years later.

9 thoughts on “Why men go bald.

  1. Your husband appears to be one of them thar injury prone fellers. I’m better at going to doctors. Now that I’m 40 and believe everything is going to kill me. I didn’t use to, so there’s hope for him yet.


  2. men are notoriously hard headed, which makes it difficult for hair to take root, that’s why. It’s something in our genes that going for help makes you less strong. He looks like he’ll be okay, and it;s a great conversation starter – look at the bright side. Have a great week.


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