Wile E. Coyote.

Somewhere in Africa, a lion named Cecil fell dead and the Internet exploded.

Somewhere in Kansas, Scott and I were sneaking trophy deer and fish mounts into our new house because the Internet shamed the sport of hunting.

Ok, the shame fell more towards poaching. I hope. As it should be.

But still, we’re trying to make friends in this neighborhood and a lion’s death 8,835 miles away didn’t help.

Our trophy mounts are on the walls so the animals can watch us drink beer out of our frosty mugs. Jalapeño venison stick?

To be honest, we’re not concerned about a lion showing up in our backyard because this is America. 

And in America, more specifically at the Burton household – Wile. E. Coyote will be toast. His head will be raised up next. He will have the prime spot to watch the clinks of the whole neighborhood with their frosty mugs.


Belle, our yorkie poo, was attacked by a coyote on Saturday night.


Scott was outside on our patio. He was laying down on the patio couch, watching TV. From the angle the coyote came in, Scott was hidden. The dogs barked. Scott popped up in time to see a coyote pick up Belle and take off in a field.

Scott’s hunter instincts kicked in and he took off on foot. He headed at a full sprint towards the coyote. Belle was dangling in its mouth. The desperate screams that came from Scott scared the coyote enough to drop Belle in the field.

“Julie. Julie.”

“Yeah? I’m in here, trying to help the girls with the shower.”

“Belle was attacked by a coyote.”

Scott appeared with Belle in his arms. I couldn’t comprehend what he said. All I saw was a blood drenched shirt, Belle, and the horror in Scott’s eyes.

My stomach dropped. Bailey. I couldn’t handle telling Emma and Kate about another family member’s death. And a violent one, at that.

The ER vet called her one of the luckiest dogs he’s ever seen.

Surviving a coyote attack is rare. The coyote didn’t press down hard enough to puncture her lungs. She is severely injured but her organs are intact. Scott’s hunter instinct saved her. There’s no doubt in my mind Bailey was right there, flying over Scott’s shoulder.

Belle is healing. She’s slowly getting back to her normal self. She’s well enough to stop her pain meds. She’s still on antibiotics. Her rabies is up-to-date. Her regular vet said she is healing beautifully.


She will survive. The rest of her family developed the hunters instinct overnight. The neighborhood is on watch. We have family members we need to protect.

I have contacted the city and discovered there is a coyote problem. The city sounded grateful Belle survived and we have ER vet documentation of the attack. Most people cannot come up with documentation simply because the animal does not survive. There may be a chance of the city setting up traps. We’ll do everything we can to push it. And if a coyote ever comes onto our property, well, you know. Cheers.

In this story, the hunter always wins.

Explode away, Internet.

Do you have a coyote attack story? I have heard at least three a day since Belle’s attack. Are you concerned about your dogs or cats when they go outside? What would you do if your pet was attacked by a coyote in front of you? 

18 thoughts on “Wile E. Coyote.

  1. So glad Belle will be okay. I agree the lion poacher is giving hunters a bad name. But, if more people hunted coyotes (in a humane way) stories like Belle’s would be fewer and far between.


    1. The OP animal control works with OP police dept on coyotes. I talked to police chief’s office yesterday. They told me they have authority to set humane traps if it’s a problem. And by the way the woman spoke, it is a serious problem around here. I’m waiting on animal control to call me back today. Fingers crossed something gets done!


  2. Yikes! How very scary! I am so glad to hear that Belle survived the attack. PHEW! We have coyotes, bobcats and fisher cats behind our house. We were taking care of the neighbor’s chickens one summer and when my son went to feed them in the morning there was nothing left but feathers in the coop! We don’t know what animal got them but there were no chickens to be seen and there were 4 we were “taking care of”. Oops.


    1. Oh no! I posted the last picture on Instagram and hash tagged: coyoteattacksurvivor. ohhhhh my god. All these little animals that survived! It’s cute and sad at same time. And I think someone did put their chicken on there. Lol

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  3. I’m so glad Scott was able to save her!! We live in a rural area outside of Wichita, so we deal with coyotes quite often. We’ve lost a few cats who we’re sure were taken by coyotes.

    The best coyote hunter story I have is this. It was summer. Mom was a teacher’s aide and so she, my brother, and I were snoozing in bed. Dad was getting ready for work. He was doing his morning business in the bathroom. My parents have a small window next to their toilet that faces out the back of their house. Dad apparently looked out the window, saw two coyotes walking along the meadow road, and decided he would do something about them. He goes into his office closet, gets a rifle, and walks back into my parents’ bedroom to shoot the coyotes out their back patio doors. He’s naked, mind you, because he was about to get in the shower. Mom is awoken by Dad’s hurrying and all she sees is Dad coming into the bedroom, naked, with his big rifle. She said she immediately wondered what she’d done wrong. BAHAHA! Dad shot once and both coyotes fell. After he finished getting ready for work, he went out to make sure they were dead. Apparently the shot went through one and hit the other, killing them both. We bought him a shirt that read “Bare Naked Hunter” after that and to this day, we tease him that he is a better shot naked than clothed.


    1. THIS. IS. AMAZING. I don’t even know what to say other than I wish I was a family member so I can tell the tale over and over!!! Glad he killed two of them! I told Scott to get one. I don’t care where. The species is dead to me.


  4. We live an hour outside of Toronto, in southern Ontario. We have a lot of tree hugging, granola munching, live and let live people in our community. Nothing wrong with that. We have farmers in the area who need to protect their livestock and, when they do, you have the rural folks who understand and the “city-fied” ones who don’t. We also have 106 acres of land in northern Ontario that has some of the best hunting in that area. We have deer, moose and bear on the land. And the people up there have a whole different mindset about hunting. It’s food for their freezer. It’s protection against predators.

    I’m so glad that Belle is going to be okay. I can only imagine the terrified feeling you must have had seeing her after the attack. That coyote obviously had no fear, coming that close to the house. I hope the city will set traps. This time it was Belle. Next time it could be a child.


  5. Yikes! Great job, Scott. I thought it was the puppy that was snatched up for some reason when I saw this on FB before. Poor little dog. That has to be a bit disconcerting. Worse than being picked up by a toddler even. Glad it all worked out. I have not coyote stories other than they used to howl and freak me out when I was getting drunk in cornfields in college. Just try to snag my beer and run off and I’LL show you hunter instinct! Lol.


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