Are you kitten me right meow.

Kindness. Honesty. Good manners.

The ability to make an entire restaurant explode into laughter by walking through the crowd like you didn’t do a thing.

These are qualities I want my daughters to carry on to adulthood.

Me: Oh no. Kate, you can’t bring that blanket in Cheesecake Factory.

Kate: But I’ll be so cold! Please?

Me: No. This is a nice place. No blankets. Come on.

Kate: Hold on, let me get my paws on.


Me: What?! Fine. Whatever. Blanket in Cheesecake Factory. Great. Sending this to your dad in South Florida, drinking a cocktail.



Text message to Scott:

Told waiter to bring me wine. Any wine. She won’t take off the cat. Waiter already laughed at her.

Kate: I need to go to the bathroom. I go by myself.

Me: No, Emma needs to go with you. Are you taking that blanket? Just leave it here.

Kate: I’m cold.

Me: Wait, let me take your picture. Ok, go.


I waited at our table. I sipped my wine and looked over the menu. A waitress walked by a waiter.

Waitress: (laughing) Hey, did you see that cat?

Waiter: No, what cat?

Waitress: There’s some kid wearing a giant cat head.

Waiter: Oh. No, I didn’t see.

I closed my eyes. Why isn’t my life filmed? It’s a blanket.

Me: Ok, girls. Find what you want to eat.



Me: Mmmm…my tacos are so good.

Emma: So is my pasta.

Kate: Our waiter kinda looks like Uncle Mark.

Me: I thought that too!

Kate: I want more of that yummy bread. HEY MARK! (Snap snap)

Me: Shhhh. His name isn’t Mark. And don’t snap at people. Take off the blanket! Wait, let me take your picture again. Snap one more time.


Me: Ok, take it off.

Kate: I’m cold.

Me: Find what cheesecake you want to take home.


Waiter: And I take it you want dessert?

Me: Yes! Taking cheesecake to go. I’ll have the vanilla bean. She wants a Reese’s and she wants the fresh strawberries cheesecake. Oh! And two extra cookie dough cheesecakes. It’s for our neighbors.

Waiter: Sure…the neighbors…I get it (laughs)

Kate: Meow.

Me: AH!

The waiter walked off, laughing.

Kate: I’m want to play with your phone, mommy.

Me: Ok, here.


Emma: Hey! I want to see!

Me: Here.

Kate: Give me the phone!

Me: Wait until Emma is done.

Kate: I want the phone! Mommy look at me! I had it first!


Me: Let Emma have the blanket then.


Waiter: Here is your cheesecake and feel free to pay whenever you are ready. Thank you and have a great night. (points at Kate, ripping the cat off Emma and placing it on her toy) She’s funny.

Me: Hm. Thanks.

The waiter walked off.


Kate: WHAT.



Me: Nothing. Let’s go.


Kate led us through Cheesecake Factory and walked through the center of a group of people waiting at entrance like she owned the place. Each person pointed and laughed.

Woman: Now THAT is FUNNY. I can’t tell…boy or girl?

Emma giggled.

Me: Girl. She’s mine.

Woman: She is a HOOT.

Me: She’s a cat.

Good night, Kate.
Good night, Kate.

What traits do you hope your children carry on to adulthood? Has your child ever embarrassed you at a restaurant? Did you take pictures to prove it? How good does South Florida sound right now?


5 thoughts on “Are you kitten me right meow.

  1. Your posts about Kate make me laugh so hard. Thank you for letting her be herself. Thank you for sharing her so we can all laugh.


    1. I’m glad other people see her humor. As her mom, sometimes she drives me crazy!! I do love going back and re-reading Kate or Emma stories. I see them from another persons perspective bc I forget them.


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