Are you kitten me right meow.

Kindness. Honesty. Good manners.

The ability to make an entire restaurant explode into laughter by walking through the crowd like you didn’t do a thing.

These are qualities I want my daughters to carry on to adulthood.

Me: Oh no. Kate, you can’t bring that blanket in Cheesecake Factory.

Kate: But I’ll be so cold! Please?

Me: No. This is a nice place. No blankets. Come on.

Kate: Hold on, let me get my paws on.


Me: What?! Fine. Whatever. Blanket in Cheesecake Factory. Great. Sending this to your dad in South Florida, drinking a cocktail.



Text message to Scott:


Told waiter to bring me wine. Any wine. She won’t take off the cat. Waiter already laughed at her.

Kate: I need to go to the bathroom. I go by myself.

Me: No, Emma needs to go with you. Are you taking that blanket? Just leave it here.

Kate: I’m cold.

Me: Wait, let me take your picture. Ok, go.


I waited at our table. I sipped my wine and looked over the menu. A waitress walked by a waiter.

Waitress: (laughing) Hey, did you see that cat?

Waiter: No, what cat?

Waitress: There’s some kid wearing a giant cat head.

Waiter: Oh. No, I didn’t see.

I closed my eyes. Why isn’t my life filmed? It’s a blanket.

Me: Ok, girls. Find what you want to eat.



Me: Mmmm…my tacos are so good.

Emma: So is my pasta.

Kate: Our waiter kinda looks like Uncle Mark.

Me: I thought that too!

Kate: I want more of that yummy bread. HEY MARK! (Snap snap)

Me: Shhhh. His name isn’t Mark. And don’t snap at people. Take off the blanket! Wait, let me take your picture again. Snap one more time.


Me: Ok, take it off.

Kate: I’m cold.

Me: Find what cheesecake you want to take home.


Waiter: And I take it you want dessert?

Me: Yes! Taking cheesecake to go. I’ll have the vanilla bean. She wants a Reese’s and she wants the fresh strawberries cheesecake. Oh! And two extra cookie dough cheesecakes. It’s for our neighbors.

Waiter: Sure…the neighbors…I get it (laughs)

Kate: Meow.

Me: AH!

The waiter walked off, laughing.

Kate: I’m want to play with your phone, mommy.

Me: Ok, here.


Emma: Hey! I want to see!

Me: Here.

Kate: Give me the phone!

Me: Wait until Emma is done.

Kate: I want the phone! Mommy look at me! I had it first!


Me: Let Emma have the blanket then.


Waiter: Here is your cheesecake and feel free to pay whenever you are ready. Thank you and have a great night. (points at Kate, ripping the cat off Emma and placing it on her toy) She’s funny.

Me: Hm. Thanks.

The waiter walked off.


Kate: WHAT.



Me: Nothing. Let’s go.


Kate led us through Cheesecake Factory and walked through the center of a group of people waiting at entrance like she owned the place. Each person pointed and laughed.

Woman: Now THAT is FUNNY. I can’t tell…boy or girl?

Emma giggled.

Me: Girl. She’s mine.

Woman: She is a HOOT.

Me: She’s a cat.

Good night, Kate.

Good night, Kate.

What traits do you hope your children carry on to adulthood? Has your child ever embarrassed you at a restaurant? Did you take pictures to prove it? How good does South Florida sound right now?


5 thoughts on “Are you kitten me right meow.

  1. Tiphanie says:

    Your posts about Kate make me laugh so hard. Thank you for letting her be herself. Thank you for sharing her so we can all laugh.


    • I’m glad other people see her humor. As her mom, sometimes she drives me crazy!! I do love going back and re-reading Kate or Emma stories. I see them from another persons perspective bc I forget them.


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