My makeup routine.

“You should get drunk and write a blog post. It would be hilarious.”

“I need to get in shape. You need to write more fitness blog posts.”

“Oh no, are you going to write about this on your blog?”

“I love your makeup. You should write about your makeup routine.”

I never run out of blog post ideas. Most ideas are sitting in my drafts folder. But sometimes someone will suggest something that I think is worth writing for.

My makeup routine.

See ya, guys.

We’re all women here. We all know how to apply makeup. I could show you what I do but this post is not meant to teach a bunch of 12-year-olds how to blend eyeshadow. I’m also not comfortable showing a step-by-step closeup of my face because ew, gross – eyeball and clogged pores.

Scott has no clue I wear makeup.

“You’re writing a blog post on makeup? You don’t even wear it.”

Scott has known me for 13 years. Scott thinks I wake up looking like this.

My only piece of advice regarding the world of beauty products is for the 12-year-olds – wear sunscreen. Your adult self will thank you for slowing the aging process down.

 – Or  – be a super nerd and stay inside the house every summer with your face buried in a book. The cliques of pretty girls covered in baby oil at the pool will like you one day. And so will the boys – shocker, I know.

This is me when I wake up. 33 years old. No makeup. No photoshop. No fancy Instagram or photography app edits. I’m tired because I was up late reading a book. And I’m mad because my daughters’ school starts too damn early. The only thing I did here was wash my face the night before and use moisturizer. I added additional moisturizer in the morning because it’s winter and my skin is dry.


I also pick zits that I still get at 33. Scar on my chin, Jesus. 

My makeup routine. Hm, I wear makeup almost every day. And if I’m not wearing it, you can bet I’m wearing sunglasses. It’s not for anyone else but to make myself feel pretty.

Sure, I’ll run errands without makeup. I don’t care what the Target cashier thinks of my bare face. But I’m more likely to argue a price check if I’m wearing makeup.

Now that I screwed your 12-year-old self over, slap on some moisturizer with sunscreen then head towards the makeup aisle. These companies did not ask me to write about them. This is simply word-of-mouth. Pretty mouths. Mouths that are worth arguing for at the price check. My favorites:


Koco matte eyeshadow by Beauty Brands in Discrete – sweep this on the bottom of your eyelid and feather up to your eyebrow. Or sometimes I just brush it in my crease. It’s a good solid eye-opener color if you don’t have time to blend any other colors with it.

Mac Lipstick in High Tea – Mac makeup is expensive but worth it. This stuff stays on my lips all day, even after I eat. This nude color is my new favorite.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash – Filling in eyebrows is my newest trick. I never thought I needed to because I have dark eyebrows. Oh, I need to. Everyone needs to fill in your eyebrows. At least stop over-plucking them. It makes a huge difference. It defines the eye or something. I don’t know, I’m not a makeup artist but I know what looks good.

Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Rock N Red – I’m wearing this in the first picture. I tried this color over Christmas with Scott’s cousins. It’s bold. It’s a date night lipstick. Every woman in Scott’s family looked stunning in it. And they’re not Mexican like me.

I’m wearing all my favorite makeup here. Except the Mary Kay lip gloss.



Do you have any must-try makeup products? Do you wear makeup every day? Why do you wear makeup? Did the guys really take off?


10 thoughts on “My makeup routine.

  1. I like makeup, but I don’t overdo. I’m more of a skincare junkie. I use only Mary Kay TimeWise and the new cleanser for oily skin. I have oily skin and swear by Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush foundation. I use Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel for spot breakouts and Almay blush. I have a Nars gloss I like because it’s not nasty and slick like most gloss and lipstick. Great post!


    1. I love skincare stuff too. Someone asked me specifically about my makeup though so I didn’t expand on my skincare. I use a facial mask every week though, it’s Mary Kay. Ok, I need to try the foundation, I haven’t found one that I love. I only wear it when I’m getting super fancy, like for a wedding. Thanks for the suggestions! And Nars – LOVE.

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  2. I am a brand and packaging whore hence a vanity full of Chanel and MAC (for shadows). That is good to know about MAC lipstick. Have been using Chanel gloss for years and wondering if I should change. Also think that I should convert all my powders to creams now that I’m of a certain age.

    Gosh. I didn’t think I would have this much to say.


    1. I’ve never had a lipstick last all day. I am so happy I found this little jewel. It’s a perfect neutral color too.
      And I know, right? Who knew makeup can be a converstion starter. I love it!


  3. Love this! I wear makeup every day. I didn’t after my first kid was born, and I Iook back at those years and cringe. Second kid? I lied to the c-section surgery people and assured them I always looked that good 😉 and, no, I wasn’t wearing makeup. I always wear mascara (blinc is my fave) and concealer/powder (love Skin Ceuticals – probably spelling that wrong), and agree that the brows look amazing filled in! I do that daily. But what I don’t do daily is eyeliner – that’s off limits on the weekends. But it sure did make people start looking twice when I re-discovered it as an adult during the week.


    1. Yes! I love this talking about makeup and hearing what I should try. Oooo I should try Blinc mascara. I use Mary Kay. I like it a lot but I’m always looking for others. My eyelashes are so short! Ugh. And I wear eyeliner all the time. My eyes look naked without it.


  4. Makeup post….? PFFFT! C’MON! You can do better than that!!! Lol. My wife wears makeup, so you held my interest for a few seconds anyway. Make up or not, and I think I’ve told you this before, hopefully in a non creepy way, but you have a really great smile. Your whole face smiles, if that makes sense. Also, KSU sucks ass. See what I did there? Didn’t want to be too nice.


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