You can be my wingman anytime.

Scott: How can I kiss you if you look like a man?

Me: I’m sorry I’m not as pretty as Tom Cruise, Scott.

You are welcome, Ladies
I, on the other hand, did NOT lose that lovin’ feeling with volleyball scene Ice Man. He’s mine, ladies. And gentlemen who like volleyball scene Ice Man.

We hit below freezing temperatures last night. I’m pleased with my decision to special order my jacket from some guy in England who makes replica Maverick jackets. It was expensive but warm. I am also pleased Scott doesn’t read my blog and will never know this information. Cheerio!

It was a bitter night in the ‘hood but the cul-de-sac home base upped the stakes this year.

The Halloween staples – candy for the kids and beer for the adults – were put in place.

We had whiskey for the crazies and for the one with exposed nipples.

The propane heater was roaring next to the fired up grill with hotdogs.

Beer too cold? Make yourself a coffee with Bailey’s!

The kids filed down in groups. The parents were right behind them. They danced to Thriller. Candy was thrown. It was a Halloween for the books.

It was the perfect Halloween until, “Hey! It’s Amelia Earhart! Great costume!”

And then I became a woman again.

The traditional morning after picture. Maverick only drinks from the best of the best coffee cup.
The traditional morning after picture. Maverick only drinks from the best of the best coffee cup. Oh look! So does Michael Jackson.

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up? Was it a cold night where you live too? Are you already thinking about what you are going to be next year? Only 365 left!

7 thoughts on “You can be my wingman anytime.

  1. Your secret about the jacket is safe with us! This reminds me of how I answer my cell when it’s one of my three brothers {or anyone else if I’m feeling cheeky} – “Talk to me, Goose.” I was a shadow, along with my older daughter, for Halloween this year. Morph suit. OMG. Tight everywhere, even the nose.


    1. My cousin asked to borrow it for a Halloween party the night after. The jacket is getting its money worth!
      I would say “Talk to me, Goose” to Scott but I know him well enough that he would answer “Goose dies in the end!”
      I have a friend that is her son’s shadow every Halloween! Cute! Lol – even the nose…


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