Top Gun pumpkins.

October 23rd.

It’s the time of year Scott yells at me for carving the pumpkins too early.

Scott has no idea what it’s like to be me in October. Scott sees a bunch of pumpkins on our porch. He might let the kids throw some camo paint on them. He may even look at them as food.

I see blank canvases every time I pull into the driveway. It’s torture. Not to sound psychotic, but to totally sound psychotic because it is the season, I stood in my kitchen with a knife imaging myself taking that first stab. I am an artist. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I felt like Michelangelo the first time he saw the Sistine Chapel.

Michelangelo is smiling down on that Top Gun, Ice Man volleyball scene pumpkin. We all are, Mike.





It was the first time I “skinned” a pumpkin to make facial features. Ice Man, you look so different in the light.
Whoa – Maverick has boobs this year.

 Have you carved your pumpkins yet? What do you carve? Would you like a hand? Don’t mind my throbbing and bleeding thumb – it is the season.

10 thoughts on “Top Gun pumpkins.

  1. I don’t particularly enjoy carving pumpkins, but since the wife is not about to do it, it’s become my job. Last year I downloaded templates with “Adventure Time” cartoon characters on them. Out of the 100+ kids who came Trick or Treating to our house, one kid correctly identified the characters. That was the high point of my pumpkin carving career.


  2. I’m with Scott, carving pumpkins and all things pumpkin related suck a fat one. Did he say that? Nice work though. I’m moderately impressed I guess. I do enjoy the seeds though. They’re really good. Well if I don’t talk you you before then, Happy Halloween!!


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