Scott: Wake up! Why do you keep falling asleep!

Me: Huh. What. Did they win?


Me: What happened.

Scott: Royals won. Go back to sleep.

Me: Ok, good. Good night.



Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was released.

Back to the Future was showing in theaters.

Growing Pains and The Golden Girls made their TV debut.

Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0.

The Nintendo Entertainment System appeared on shelves in the U.S.

The Titanic was found on the bottom of the Atlantic.

My mom was pregnant with my brother.

I was 4 years old.

My sister had a case of the terrible twos.

My other sister didn’t exist. She was like the picture of Marty McFly’s sister on Back to the Future.

1985 was the last year the Kansas City Royals were in the playoffs.

In 1985, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. They defeated the St. Louis Cardinals.

I don’t remember any of it.

Childhood amnesia blocked out the years 1981-1985. The only thing I remember about my life is in photographs. I don’t remember feeling my mom’s stomach kick. I don’t remember my sister’s terrible two meltdowns. I don’t remember moving into a new house that year. I don’t remember standing in a crowd of legs at the Royals World Series parade in Kansas City. I don’t remember blue confetti falling in my dark hair. I don’t remember.

But if I open the window on a cool fall night and turn the baseball announcers’ voices on low volume, I can relax. If I lay my head in a lap and that person runs their fingers through my hair – I will fall asleep. It’s like a drug.

The only thing missing is the pregnant belly near my head but everything else is the same.

That I do remember.


Are you just as shocked that the Kansas City Royals are in the playoffs? Do you think they will make it to the World Series? What is one of your earliest childhood memories involving professional sports? Does anyone have Royals tickets Scott and I can buy from you? I promise I won’t fall asleep at a live game.



10 thoughts on “1985.

  1. Okay. This post was okay. I remember St. Louis Steamer soccer games from the early 80’s and watching the ’82 Cardinals win the World Series, and I can recall dozens of moments when I was listening to the Cardinals play with my dad while Jack Buck and Mike Shannon were announcing. Mike Shannon still does it and it’s just great. I was actually rooting for the Royals to beat the Angels, and will root for them to win it all unless they meet the Cards in the WS. How epic would that be? The national tv people will hate it, but around these parts, it’d be SWEET AS FUCK!!!


  2. Actually, one of my earliest memories is sitting in a little black wooden rocking chair watching the TV and seeing my parents excited because, as I know now, the Royals won the World Series.

    Literally one of my first memories…I’ve been waiting a while…


  3. Rooting for the Royals. I’ve liked them since their epic playoff battles with the Yankees in the late ’70s. (hated the Yankees). Plus, I like to see small market teams do well. Baseball’s top-heaviness is annoying.


    1. Kansas City is pumped up! We have had a losing team for years…
      And yes, I like the small market teams too. I don’t follow baseball as much as other sports but it would be nice to see a smaller team like Royals take the crown. 🙂


  4. Love it. We had just moved here from Dallas. Our very cool neighbors worked for Marion Labs and took my dad to game 7. Looking back, I think that is super awesome! I would love tickets too!


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