Ask a cop.

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a cop and ask a ton of questions without fear of getting arrested? Or laughed at?


Well, I do.

And I did. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on my couch – not my car or heavy machinery – and fired away.

Go check out my questions to Officer Don at Don of All Trades!

Click here
Click here


What questions do you have for a cop? Do you cry to get out of tickets? Do you have an old prom date sitting in prison and need help to find out what happened? Don would totally do that for you. 


7 thoughts on “Ask a cop.

  1. I fortunately and unfortunately a cop in my house ALL.OF.THE.TIME! He gets so annoyed with my police questions!!! PIG!!! HA, seriously he has saved our insurance rates!!!


    1. Police officers have one of the most fascinating jobs. Oh, if Scott was a cop, I’m sure he would be annoyed with my questions too. And my driving. Lol


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