Well, mommy’s prom date is in prison.

No joke.

I am not the type of blogger to call out people on my blog for their poor life decisions. I’m not a mean person. If I write about you that means you said or did something funny. You’re “blog worthy.” I like you. I want others to like you.

Or you could take me to high school prom then 4 years later, land yourself in prison for the next 40 years. That’ll get yourself a mention on the blog.

WHAT?! Isaac – what happened?!

No, seriously – what happened.

How did this jock –


turn into this criminal –


His mug shot. Even his eyes morphed into psycho. Please, don’t murder me.

The last time I saw Isaac was in high school. He went to one college and I went to another. Facebook wasn’t born yet.  We lost touch. I googled his name a few times. I searched Facebook once or twice to see how he was doing but I never found him.

"Isaac, where'd you go?"
“Isaac, where’d you go? Remember me?”

Then I found his mug shot.

And the charges against him.

And he won’t be out until 2043.

And oh my gosh, my kids are going to find out mommy’s prom date is in prison. Scott will use this against Emma and Kate’s prom dates. He’ll send the girls loaded with mace. Self-defense lessons will be in order. I’ll take pictures of my girls before prom and Scott will be in the mix of parents yelling, “just remember your mother’s prom date is still sitting in prison with another 20 years to go!” Thanks, Scott.

Girls, I’m sorry my bad boy prom choice has lasting effects. But so we’re clear – Isaac and I never dated. We were just friends.

Not running free now.
Oh, I bet you wish you were running free now.

And what gets you 40 years behind bars?

Aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, criminal threat and stalking according to the County Sheriff. Yeah, I emailed the Sheriff’s department and asked. Old prom dates have the right to know these kind of things. I couldn’t find anything in the newspaper archives. And I couldn’t find the public court records online.

Isaac and I will never cross paths again. I’ll never know what happened the day he got arrested. I can only assume aggravated assault with a 40 year prison sentence is a grey area for attempted murder. 

My last memory of Isaac is singing Dreams by the Cranberries as loud as we could in my car. Maybe finding out what happened to my old friend is one of my poor life decisions because I wish I never knew.


Have you ever found out something you wish you never knew? Do you know anyone in prison? Have you lost touch from anyone in high school and wondered what happened to them? It can’t be any worse than mine. 

18 thoughts on “Well, mommy’s prom date is in prison.

  1. How about this? A guy I went to high school with (but never the prom) killed his mother & father the year after we graduated.


  2. Oh my. There has been more than one thread on FB of high school friends celebrating “a big day” with lots of “finally”s and “it’s been so long” that I thought they were referring weddings but no, they were referring to a spouse’s release date. BTW, am ploughing through OITNB. Prison is the theme of my on-line life these days.


    1. I always wonder about the people that get out of prison?? Will they function ok in a “free” society? I have been thinking about prison and Isaac too…shocking.


  3. Shame on you, if you don’t go visit him in prison and ask him what happened. Somehow, this is partly your fault, I’m sure. I know many people in prison, most of them because I put them there. Not as a defense attorney though, I swear. Lol. They’re not always terrible people. Sometimes a rough spell or even a single 5 second poor life decision sends folks there. Who knows, maybe he tried to turn a Jayhawk basketball player in for academic fraud? That’s a no no in Kansas, right?


    1. No way will I visit or ask him!! 1. Scott would kick me into a cell and lock me up. 2. My 63 year old self would be scared once he got out.
      Yeah, I guess some people just take a wrong turn somewhere. I hope justice was served with a 40 year prison sentence. It wasn’t in Lawrence or I would totally believe the “arrested for turning in a KU player for academic fraud.” Ha!


  4. My goodness! You do leave a path of destruction, don’t you? Maybe they’ll parole him in time for the class reunion. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that, watching you try to make small talk about what he’s been up to since school.


  5. I know Don is kidding about you visiting him but seriously DON’T unless you have Don with you as your body guard. The fact that Stalking was one of the charges – YIKES! An old boyfriend who was violent died mysteriously several years ago. The sad thing is that when I found that out, it did not surprise me one bit. I KNEW he would end up dead or in prison.


    1. Yeah, stalking scares me the most out of all of those. I’ll probably get arrested for stalking Isaac in trying to find out what he did. Lol. There have been so many people private messaging me about people they know in prison!! I had no idea this would be such a relatable topic! I really thought I’d be the only one that (sorta) knows someone in prison. I hope your old boyfriend didn’t hurt you…


  6. This kind of news is so sad! I was runner-up to Homecoming Queen, and the male equivalent and I had to do pics, dance, etc, at the big night. My first year at college, my mom sent me a newspaper clipping that he held up our local gas station while our friend’s mom was working. He served 12 years in federal prison.


  7. A few years back, my bosses announced a colleague would be taking a leave of absence. It was the second one in a relatively short amount of time, and they weren’t certain how long it would be. They needed to find a long-term sub for him.
    Another coworker and close friend got curious about the situation. Plus, it just so happened that she had earned her PI license a month or two before. She put her new skills to the test, did some snooping and found out the coworker was in jail for domestic violence.


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