Freedom to dance in the rain.

Text message to Allison and Heather: You trust me with your kids?

Allison: I have complete trust in you.



Heather: Fun!!

Allison: Wait a minute. Is that Michael Jackson? Never mind you’re crazy.

Me: We’re getting honks.


Well, what am I supposed to do when the clouds open up and pour on the neighborhood kids playing on our slip and slide? Six bummed out kids stood in our garage with towels wrapped around them. They were staring at the sheets of rain. No – rain will not ruin Memorial Day weekend. This is Julie’s house. Boredom 3 days into summer? Never.

Throw the towels off, kids. I don’t see lightening. Just rain. Let’s have a dance party in the driveway.

I turned on my Bose speaker.

YEAH!!! Miss Julie that is a GREAT idea!

What do you want to hear? We need good dance music.

Do you still have your Michael Jackson music?

YES! I like where your head is, kid.

THRILLER!! I’ve seen the music video!

You have? Scary, huh?

I love it. Play Thriller! Remember when you were Michael Jackson for Halloween? My mom let me watch Thriller after that. Play Bad! Play Billie Jean! Play Beat It!

Should I break out the hat and jacket?

Yeah, we want the hat! The hat! I call jacket!

I ran inside and grabbed my black fedora and red leather jacket from my closet.

Who’s first?

Me! Me! No, me! Mom, let me!

Ok. Down kids. We’ll all take a turn to be MJ.

photo-26 copy

The rain continued to pour. Cars passed the house and honked. The kids waved.

Mom! All these cars are honking at us! Oh! Hi!!


A golf cart filled with kids drove by. They were headed home from the pool. The dad yelled,

WHAT?! Michael Jackson is back! WOOHOOO! BILLIE JEAN!

Was that a request? I turned the music up.

All these people love Michael Jackson, Miss Julie!

Oh, I know. Keep dancing, kids! Keep on. With the force don’t stop. Don’t stop till you get enough. Ow!


A car slammed to a stop in front of my house. One of the neighborhood moms stuck her head out of the window.

Jamie: What’s going on here?!

Me: Dance party in the rain! MJ showed up.

Jamie: I LOVE IT! Oh, I want in on this.

Jamie hopped out of her car and started dancing with a towel over her head.

Jamie: My kids aren’t even in town and here I am dancing to Michael Jackson with my kids’ friends! My kids are going to kill me. Let’s watch Julie moonwalk. Did you guys know that Miss Julie was Michael Jackson in another life?

Me: But no little boys. I can’t really do the moonwalk. I need fluffy socks and a waxed hardwood floor. I’ll try. We’ll all try. Ready. Go.

8 pairs of feet go backwards down my driveway.

Jamie: Ok kids. This was fun! I have frozen food in the car. See ya!

Jamie left. The rain lifted and the sun came out. The jacket and hat were dropped. The kids ran off to play on the slip and slide again.

Miss Julie, this was the best day ever! My favorite part was dancing in the rain! I’m so happy you danced with us! That was CRAZY!


This post is dedicated to the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. There’s no better way to show our freedom than dancing in the summer rain. Thank you.


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