May 24th.

When I was a child, I wondered what days of the year would be meaningful to me – well, to the adult me.

The adult me seemed far away. I didn’t know her. What decisions would she make that would change her life? What days would she mark on the calendar every year? She’ll mark my parents’ birthdays and anniversary. And she’ll mark my siblings’ birthdays, for sure. Maybe this day, right now, would be an important moment in her life.

What day would she get married? July 17. What day would her husband’s birthday be? July 11. What day would she become an aunt? April 20thWhat day would she become a mom? May 24th. 





May 24th showed up for the 8th time on my calendar today. And oh my gosh, child me – listen to this – your daughter will look just like you but she has this fabulous curly hair that every woman wants. She’s beautiful. You won’t think she’s beautiful if I’m telling you she looks like you but she is. And she’s smart. Ok, she is not like genius smart but she’s a B student. She has your creativity. She was voted “most artistic” in her class this year. You will be proud of her.

Child me – you have no idea how fast this calendar moves.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Emma.

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