The blessing.

September 30, 2011. It was the eve of my sister’s wedding.

Two families gathered inside a historic barn for the rehearsal dinner. Jenna and Steven’s people were in one place, for maybe one of the few times in their life. The spotlight would be on the bride and groom for the next 24 hours.

The spotlight only fell once and it landed on a flower girl – a 2-year-old, named Kate. My kid. She proved to over 100 people that everything is funnier when you’re not supposed to laugh.

Kate, age 2

I sat my dinner plate down next to my sister, Jessica. We were the Matrons of Honor. We had prime seats at the front of the room. Our husbands sat across from us. Emma and Kate were placed in the back of the room. They were happy and playing with Scott’s parents.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?”

The chatter stopped. Every pair of eyes looked at the man with the microphone.

“Hello. My name is Brian. I am the Father of the Groom. I am Steven’s dad. First, I would like to be the first to congratulate Jenna and Steven. We couldn’t be happier with the new daughter we are getting tomorrow. I would like to start off our dinner with a blessing.”

Heads went down. Eyes closed. Hands clasped together.

“Dear Heavenly Father. We are so thankful for what you have given us today.”


My eyes flung open. No, Kate.

“You have brought together two beautiful people and two beautiful families. We are all here to celebrate the love Jenna and Steven share for each other.”

*Ruff! MEOW!*

Oh, no. I stared at Scott. He opened his eyes, looked at me, and closed his eyes again. I closed my eyes.

“As we are about to enjoy this wonderful dinner, we hope the food you have given us nourishes our bodies in preparation for the big day tomorrow.”

*Ooo Ooo Ah Ah!*

I jerked my head up. I looked to the back of the room. Kate was sitting on her Papa’s lap. Papa had a finger up to his lips, shhh’ing Kate with a smile on his face. I tried to make eye contact with him. No, don’t laugh at her. 

“Dear Lord, I would like to thank you for getting everyone here safely as they traveled from around the country to be here today.”

*ROOOAAR! Meow! Ruff!*

One of the bridesmaids caught my eye. Her body trembled. Her hands went from tucked in her lap to covering her face. Another bridesmaid placed her forehead on the table, shoulders shaking. I glanced around the room. People shifted in their seats. A group of groomsmen smiled with their eyes shut.

“We are so thankful that you have provided resources for the people involved in planning, in preparation for tomorrow.”

*Tweet! Tweet! ROAR! Tweet!*

“We thank you for the beautiful fall weather today with the same beautiful weather expected tomorrow.”

*Meow. RUFF!*

Someone snorted. I stared into my lap. Oh. My. God. Stop her. COVER HER FACE UP.

“We pray that you bless Jenna and Steven for the rest of their lives. We ask for these favors and blessings in the name of our dear savior Jesus Christ, Amen.”


*Meow. RUFF. ROARR! Ooo Ooo Ah AH! Tweet! Nee-haw!*

It was the like the fireworks finale. She couldn’t be stopped.

A bridesmaid fell to the floor in laughter. She wiped away the tears in her eyes. “That was…that was the funniest….thing. Ever. I can’t…stop…laughing.”

One of the groomsmen stood and clapped. “YES! YES! That kid is AWESOME!”

My mom and dad were at the table next to me. My dad shouted to the room, “oh, that flower girl is trouble. Where is that kid’s parents? She must be from the groom’s family.”


Have you ever been in position where you’re not supposed to laugh? Do you have a funny wedding story involving a child? Do your children still have the same personality they had when they were little?

13 thoughts on “The blessing.

    1. Taking Kate with me is always a good idea. She still breaks the ice, even at age 5. She can be embarrassing to me as a parent but most people laugh at her.


  1. I’m literally in a show this week where we have yet to make it through most of the scenes without one of us cracking up at something funny someone else is doing. I have no idea how we’re going to get through this show.


    1. It’s one of those stories that get brought up occasionally with the family – hey remember the time Kate made animal noises at Jenna and Steven’s rehearsal dinner. RUFF MEOW!
      And my memory is incredible. Like an elephant. Lol


    1. If she wasn’t my kid, I would have been under the table stuffing napkins in my mouth, trying not to laugh out loud. But I am her parent so I went into praying mode.


  2. Hahaha this is incredible! I hope I make mischievous little childrens like this.
    I find myself in so many situations where I can’t laugh… like in the middle of a meeting… when I’m texting someone else in the meeting…. about SOMEONE ELSE also in the meeting. I usually lose it and have to fake a coughing fit and /or seizure.


    1. Ha! Texting and laughing with seizure. I do that all the time!! I must look crazy at target – seizure laughing at phone in one hand, yelling at fighting kids and pushing a cart.


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