Solo parenting.

The thing with being married to Scott is he is not home often.

Scott has a job that requires a lot of travel. I can’t complain. He is good at what he does.

He also has a pretend job, called I-think-I’m-single-and-have-no-kids-so-I’m-going-to-sit-in-a-treestand-all-day. Some would call hunting and fishing a hobby. This is not Scott’s hobby. Scott is a full-time professional hunter and fisherman. He’s just not paid for it.

These two full time jobs leave me alone with the kids a lot. Solo parenting is a lot of work. It’s not fun.

Oh, but sometimes it is. 


Hey did you guys know you can make your own gifs?



The only time Scott is needed is the 6 pm to bedtime time slot. I get the kids fed. I entertain them. I break up fights. I pull my hair out. I help them with homework. I give them baths. I growl at the words “cold lunch.” Teeth are brushed and flossed.

Those kids are in bed by 7:50 pm when I’m solo parenting. There’s no daddy around to rile them up. It’s time to unwind with mommy and classical music with a touch of lavender. The sun hasn’t even set by the time they’re asleep.


And once the kids are down, I’m a free woman. No husband. No kids.



It’s the one part of the day that I get to be me. Whoever that is. There are no interruptions. I fall asleep my way – the bedroom lights are on, books are tabbed and tossed on the bed, the laptop is open and playing movie scores, an empty ice cream cup is within my arm’s length. My favorite part is I don’t have to kick legs back over to his side.

I mean, ok. Yeah. Scott is missed. He’s not here to talk to. He’s not here to make the girls and me laugh. I miss him rubbing my back in bed, hoping to get some. He won’t. Not unless he can get this cork out of this bottle of wine for me.

Oh! Got it. Too bad you’re gone, Scott. Totally would have got some.


17 thoughts on “Solo parenting.

  1. I am catching up on my blogs and am seeing this now. OMG, Julie – this is the BEST POST EVAH!!!!!! I can relate to the hubster never being home, especially when the kids were little. It was so tough yet so liberating!! You are so right about them riling the kids up at the worst times!

    You so rock doing your own GIFs!!! These are adorable! I wanna do some! I am so tweeting this. 🙂


  2. Oh girl, don’t I know just how sucky that dinner-bedtime frame is. My husband has the “luxury” of working to protect Olathe and is conveniently gone M-TH in the evening for going on 11 years….coincidence that our child is 11??


    1. Yeah, I call it the hell hour. It’s gotten better as the girls get older. I would cry during hell hour when they were really little. I just need to remember the big bed I get to myself at the end of the day! Keeps me going. Ha!


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