I don’t know what to say.

I thought an additional candle on the birthday cake would change her.

Today is Kate’s birthday. 5 candles will flicker on her cake tonight, marking Kate’s entrance into the world. This day marks the 7th consecutive day of opening presents.

It’s birthday week. 

A one day birthday celebration? Emma and Kate’s Papa won’t allow it. The 6 days leading up to Emma and Kate’s birthdays, Scott’s dad sends an overnight package via FedEx. Every day, the doorbell rings. Dogs bark. There’s a squeal. Kate and I open the door to our FedEx man, jumping up and down – “I’m here! It’s birthday week! See ya tomorrow! Woo-hoo!”

Last year, Kate pulled this stunt – Kate decided she wouldn’t smile for my camera. She was happy. She just didn’t want to smile.

Kate’s birthday week 2014. Kids these days, I tell ya.


To Papa:

A FedEx truck parked at our house in May can only mean one thing – Papa is chuckling behind his desk at work. Our kids know they are not like most kids. Most kids don’t associate a FedEx truck with every birthday memory they’ve had. The truck never fails to show up. You even rile up our own FedEx man. Scott and I know the truth – you get your own birthday week present in the form of a picture text sent back to you. I’m sorry Kate won’t smile for my camera this year. We know you just want your granddaughter to be happy.

She is.






Kate! Give me one smile for your Papa! It’s your birthday. You said you would smile for my camera on your birthday! Tell him thank you!

She has her Papa's smile.
She has her Papa’s smile.

13 thoughts on “Five.

  1. I know, the FedEx man makes me laugh. He is just as excited as the kids! Our old FedEx man at our old house was the same way.
    He is an awesome papa!


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