My fitness routine.

Fitness is a huge part of my life. I’m probably reading your comments from my phone at the gym.

It has been suggested that I start a fitness blog. Let’s start with this post first.

My fitness routine.

I will state the obvious – I am not a doctor. Or a nurse. I am not a dietician. Or a fitness trainer. I have no business writing about this because I am not an expert. I’m not that smart. Continue on, if you so choose…

I have a membership to a gym. I have tried working out at home with my own weights, running/walking, or DVDs. It doesn’t work for me. My house whispers the sweet words of DVR, merlot, freezing rain and sweatpants. It takes a very disciplined person to keep a long-term workout plan at home.


Scott is my workout partner. Workout partners will make you show up when don’t feel like going to the gym. I will be honest – working out with your spouse is hard to do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten so pissed off at him for telling me breathe – I am breathing Scott. Do I look dead to you? – then storm out just to stand by the locked car because damnit, Scott has the keys. I hope you love your spouse very much if you choose him/her as a workout partner.

photo-26 copy

I lift weights. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, and oh my gosh – zumba. Oh zumba. My hips do lie, Shakira. No. I don’t do any of that. My love is weight training. I am going to assume people want to know how to lose weight. Try lifting. Build muscle. I burn calories at an accelerated rate while I’m at rest – up to 38 hours after lifting. It’s true. Google it. The only way you can be lazy and burn calories is by building muscle mass. Cardio and interval training do not even compare. Sure, you will burn calories as you run past my house in the mornings. But I am burning more as I pull the blankets off Scott in bed. I spent a summer running plus weight training to prepare for my first 5K. I had a hard time keeping my weight up. Clothes were falling off me. If you want to lose weight this would probably be the way to go. Do cardio and weight training.

photo-26 copy 3


I am at the gym a minimum of 5 times a week. This is key. I am 32 and have two kids. My body looks better now than it did before kids. For me, setting a goal does not work. Once I hit a goal I quit because yay! I did it! Don’t do that. Throw away the scale. Keep going. And don’t use the excuse “I don’t have time.” It’s like a puzzle. Find the time.

photo-26 copy 4

I am the worst eater. I am squirming in my chair because this is the uncomfortable part. I can hear Scott’s voice in my head – “go ahead and tell them about the crap you eat.” I eat pizza at least twice a week. I eat ice cream every night in bed. The Taco Bell guy knows my name. I eat bread, pasta, and my kids leftover chicken nuggets. I eat it all. I snack on protein shakes during the day (my new favorite is Nectar’s Wild Grape). The only thing I do not eat is red meat. I don’t like the taste. Oh, and we don’t drink a lot of pop. We prefer chocolate milk. I don’t know what else to say. I’m sure my height helps a lot.

photo-26 copy 2


I am happy with my body. I wish everyone would say that about themselves.

I believe the secret to staying fit is finding something you love. And do it for life. It’s a lifestyle, not a goal.

If you like running then run, Forrest, RUN!

If you like zumba classes then show Shakira up.

Go find yourself with yoga. What’s that word again? Peace be with you. No. Amen. No. Heal the world make it a better place. No, wait that’s MJ. Namaste. That’s it.

Or try my love, weight training.

Then let’s arm wrestle. We can go to Taco Bell later.


What is your favorite fitness activity? Are you a crazy runner? Do you have any protein shake recipes I need to try? Would you like to see more fitness posts? Scott was totally embarrassed taking these pictures. I’ll make him do it again if you want.

24 thoughts on “My fitness routine.

  1. Crossfit is my favorite! Lots of weight training and high intensity WODs (work out of the day). Pure Protein is my favorite protine bar very low in sugar and still good if you are looking for one.


  2. Working out blows, but it feels so good once you finish doing it. Plus, eating whatever I want in addition to the 49 beers i have each week and maintaining the same weight is cool too. I like to run, sort of, but I think I do need to add some of that weight lifting you enjoy so much. I suppose since you’re a woman that you want a compliment too, so, you look really good for a woman your age who’s had two kids. Did that sound sincere and not condescending? I hope so. Lol. Too funny that your poor husband had to take photos of you at the gym. Poor husband of a blogger.


    1. Thank you for the sweet and sincere compliment. Yes, you should weight lift!! GUN SHOW!
      I had to threaten Scott with hiring a photographer. For the love of having visual media on a blog!!


      1. Okay, I finally joined a gym because, like you, I just can’t workout at home. There’s beer in the fridge and the tv is right there and on and on. Been doing it for only about a month (3 days a week) and I’m already feeling really good about myself. I like to run a little bit still, but the weight lifting really is where it’s at.


  3. Well, in my younger non RA days I was an animal! I worked out all the time! It did feel good and the men were trailing behind me all the time. 🙂 Now, not so much. I’m lucky if I can take a walk. I really should do more weight lifting to make sure my muscles don’t atrophy. You, my friend are LOOKING GOOD!!! Way to go! 🙂 Oh, and I hate you for being able to eat ice cream in bed every night. I might have to un-follow you.


  4. Great post!! I added toxin flushing to my routine and saw amazing changes! It boosts your weight training efforts like crazy!! Protein shakes plus toxin flushing through cleansing may be a new trick you could try! And I can help with that, let me know!! Love your spirit!! 🙂


  5. This is awesome!!! I would love to read a blog about what workouts and stuff you do on each day. It has been a journey of mainly cutting out processed foods and eating clean 80/20 for me because I want to lose 100 lbs by January 2015. I am sooooo jealous you can still eat whatever the heck you feel like! Man… I walk past a donut and it goes to my gut! If you feel like posting more of these you would have an avid reader in me! 😀


    1. I should really eat better. That delicious T. Bell can’t be good for me. I’m really tall, I think that’s why I can pull it off.
      I wanted to keep writing about what I do workout wise…I just can’t put it all in one post. I’ll keep doing fitness posts. 🙂
      I’m so proud of you!! It is hard to get to gym with little ones! You’re looking good, my friend!!


  6. Congrats! To say your body looks better now than before kids is impressive…but to say you are happy with your body is the most impressive thing…more women should say that.
    I’m not the best eater either, but it’s the weights 3-4 nights a week plus cardio 2 nights that make my diet feasible.
    Keep up the good work


    1. Thank you! I wish more women would say that too. Weight lifting can be overlooked by women.
      Congrats on 2 nights of cardio! You’re better than me! I only last 3 minutes on the stair stepper before I get bored.


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