21 things I irrationally love.


I have nothing blog worthy this week. I’m so lame. I know.

I’m in no mood to write something original. I’ve committed creative suicide. If all the other bloggers are jumping off the bridge, you can bet I will too.

Aussa Lorens is one of my favorite bloggers. I’m totally stealing her blog topic – 21 Things I Irrationally Love. Damn, she’s funny. And hot. Go take a peek. Then read mine.

Ready, set, JUMP–

21 Things I Irrationally Love:

1. A good pen. Man, I hope they don’t stop teaching cursive in school.

2. Halloween.  The candy. The dressing up. The kids’ laughter. The fog. The scent of pumpkin. The dead roaming the streets.

Was that MJ?

3. Pain. Physical, weight-lifting pain. I wake up sore every day because well – no pain, no gunshow.

4. Picking fights with Scott. Hey watch this – “Scott! If I could play any professional sport it would be a hockey goalie. Like, how hard is it? The equipment the goalie wears covers up the majority of the net. Easiest job in all of sports.” I can feel Scott’s blood pressure rising.

5. Watching an old movie then looking up how the actors died. Audrey Hepburn – appendix cancer. What?

6. Walking on gravel. Aussa could not have described it better – she feels like she’s going to accomplish something. Give me a gravel sidewalk to walk on and I’ll take over the world. I get it, Aussa. I get it.

7. Watching my half and half rise in my coffee. It’s like magic.

Turn me on.
Turn me ON.

8. Photobombing. It’s rude. I should quit.

9. Laughing at my phone in public like some kind of crazed psycho. Stare at me. I don’t care. I have witty friends.


10. Driving to the airport. I just get excited. Even if I’m picking someone up. Where are you going? The airport. Ah.

11. Repeating a video of my niece crying for Juweeee. Only Gabby can break my heart yet make me fall more in love with her.

12. Putting on makeup before the gym. What? I admit it.

13. Driving alone at night. I sing. Loud. I do this at night so people can’t see me singing.

14. Catching old people smiling at my kids in public. Not the creepy kind of smile but the kind of smile that is all in the eyes. I see them remembering the joy. It’s a nice reminder as I get marshmallows thrown at my head at the grocery store.

15. Flossing. I like clean teeth. And I eat a lot of popcorn. Digging out chunks is my favorite.

16. Walking into a room with high heels and realizing I’m the tallest one in the room. It’s a strange love because I am not that confident.

17. Dancing around my house when I’m home alone. I really miss this.

18. Picking up dog poop. Let me clarify – my own dog poop in my own yard. Ew, I’m not a free service. I like the satisfaction of a good, clean yard.

19. Tornado sirens. I was born and raised in Kansas. I have never seen a tornado. I am the master at running and screaming down the stairs into the basement.

20. Waving at this guy.


21. Vacuuming. Oh god. Sprinkle something crunchy all over the floor and let me vacuum it. Best noise ever.


Do you agree with any of these? Are we the same person? What is something you irrationally love? 

21 thoughts on “21 things I irrationally love.

    1. Thanks, Don! Am I that strange? Ha! I kind of want to be MJ again this year. I feel like I can’t really top that one. And walking around the streets playing MJ music on a mini bluetooth Bose System was just genius on my part. Damn. Can’t top it.


  1. Ha,ha! I loved Aussa’s and totally love your list as well! Waving at the Tax man is awesome! I do the same thing! I feel bad for the guy or girl because you couldn’t pay me enough to to that job!


    1. Scott will hear me vacuum something noisy and he’ll laugh bc he knows how excited I am.
      Be MJ!!!! I really want to be him again….decisions decisions….


  2. The tooth fairy in Rise of the Guardians is my spirit animal and I don’t feel fully dressed without a floss. Pens are magical. Half and half is magical. Dog poop picking up is such a necessity of life, seriously. Halloween to Christmas is my favorite time of year.

    I feel like we should best friends now. I’ll send you nail polish and we can talk about TV shows.

    Don’t tell Aussa, she gets jealous and stuff.


  3. Okay, but really– I feel like your list should be on one of those Buzzfeed articles where you read them and relate to every single item in some deep soul-searching sort of way. Vacuuming junk up? Yes.
    Flossing till you bleed? Yes.
    Everything else? YES YES YES

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am willing to floss, walk on gravel, and have you drive me to the airport for the opportunity for you to photo bomb me!!!


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