Scott and me.

It’s not our anniversary.


Or your birthday.


I know you hate pictures being taken.


Maybe it’s because I make you do this kind of crap.


Or you’re bothered that I don’t wear pants for pictures.


You’re getting better with the camera as the years pass.

photo-26 copy

Even without me there.

photo-26 copy

Out of all the formal pictures.


And not so formal.

wedding3 2

This is my favorite picture of us.


We look good. Don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “Scott and me.

  1. I love the story you wrote here – when you read it line by line, it sounds like poetry. And that last picture is DA BOMB! Go Scott!


    1. Ha! Thank you!! The hardest part of this post was deciding which pictures to use. The words came naturally.
      We just got done sail fishing in that pic and we were disgusted by our burnt faces. But I love it!!


    1. Thank you! It’s my 500th blog post. That’s a lot of writing! I felt Scott needed a cute shout out for putting up with his crazy wife. 🙂


  2. You guys look like the sort of couple I’d like to have beers with, but we already have a gym rat couple for friends so I guess we don’t need another. Do you fit into another category maybe? How funny are you guys?


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