Oh Emma, Oh Kate.

Kate: Mommy? How do people go to heaven after they die?

Me: Well…you know what? I’m not sure. I’ve never been there. I bet Jesus shows them.

Kate: I bet Jesus grabs them by the arms and yanks them up.


Me: Emma, wake up. Time for school.

Emma: Hold on, mom!

Me: We’re late. I let you sleep in.

Emma: Just let me get this song out of my head first.


Kate: How old are you?

Me: 32.

Kate: Oh. I thought you were 35.

Me: Thanks, Kate.

Kate: Can grown ups be 55?


Me: Kate! Look! Aunt JJ had her baby! Her name is Savannah! Awww!

Kate: Savannah! That’s a funny name! Ha! She should have named her baby Vanilla.


Me: Oh, Emma! Don’t forget your water bottle for school.

Emma: Uh, did you put soap in it this time? Last time it tasted like soap water.


Kate: Look at this picture of daddy when he was little! Daddy is skating on a frozen lake!

Emma: That’s cool!

Kate: No, it’s not.


I was at Emma’s school conference. Emma and Kate joined me at the conference. Scott was on speaker phone.

Teacher: We will be starting a money unit soon.

Me: Oh, good! Emma and I just organized her piggy bank coins to exchange for bills.

Teacher: What are you going to do with your money, Emma?

Emma: Save it for a car.

Teacher: A saver! That’s great! You know, she’ll probably always be a saver, even as an adult.

Kate: (whispers in my ear) I’m going to buy all the toys.


I went to Papa Murphy’s to pick up a pizza. Kate went with me because she likes watching them make the pizza.

The employee spread the sauce over the dough.

Kate: That looks hard. Your job is really hard.

The employee sprinkles cheese on top.

Kate: Oh, that’s easy. Your job is easy now, right?

Employee: (lifts his head up, looks at Kate and laughs)


I was watching the Olympics. The Skeleton event was airing when Emma walks in the room.

Emma: Whoa. Is this on fast forward?


I was in the car with the girls. I had the music loud. Emma said something.

Me: I can’t hear what you’re saying, Emma. (turn the music down)

Kate: And you can’t hear what I’m saying in my head either.


My mother-in-law took the girls to Disney World while Scott and I worked in Orlando. She brought the girls back to the hotel where Scott and I were working.

Me: Aw! Your hair! Where did you girls get pixie dust at?

Emma: A store. They asked if we would like some pixie dust.

Kate: Yeah, but it’s not real. We didn’t fly out of the store.


We were flying home from Orlando with the kids. The plane was starting its descent.


Me: Kate! Shhhhh.


My mom asked the girls if they had fun in Disney World.

Kate: Yeah. We just played at Disney World and that’s all we did.


Me: Kate, please feed Bailey.

Kate: No.

Me: Please.

Kate: I don’t like the smell.


Kate: Why do people eat fish?

Me: It’s just another type of meat.

Emma: But people don’t eat sailfish, right mom?

Me: Yes. Sailfish is not really a type of fish you eat.

Kate: Sailfish is for decoration in your house.


Kate: I drew a picture of Frozen!

Me: Beautiful!

Kate: And here’s the stuff coming out of Ana’s eyes.

Me: What stuff?

Kate: The drops.

Me: The drops? Tears?

Kate: Yeah, tears.


I got a paper cut on my finger. I had a bandaid on.

Kate: Did you get a boo boo?

Me: Yeah, but I’m ok. Just a little paper cut.

Kate: Can I see it? I promise I won’t laugh.


I walked into our bedroom with Kate. I could smell Scott’s cologne lingering in the bathroom from earlier that morning.

Me: Mmmmm. Your daddy smells good today.

Kate: I smell good too.


Me: Kate! Be careful, baby! Don’t slam your toys into the wall.

Kate: Mom. It’s not your house. You didn’t build it.


Emma got glasses. Emma was walking around our house, checking out how clear she can see.

Me: If you ever want to try contacts, the doctor said you would get the kind daddy has. They’re really easy to wear.

Emma: How do you do that? Do you have to touch your eyes?

Me: Sort of. It’s not bad. It doesn’t hurt. You’re touching the contact the whole time, not really your eye.

Kate: I touch my eye all the time. Watch. (Pushes her finger on the white of her eye)


Kate: Where do geese go when it rains?

Me: I don’t think they mind the rain.

Kate: What about thunder and lightening?

Me: I’m sure they hide somewhere.

Kate: Yeah, probably fly back to their house. What about snow?

Me: I think they like the snow. They like cold. They sit in cold water.

Kate: What if it’s frozen?

Me: Ask your dad. These are daddy questions.

Kate: Text him right now. Say – Scott where do geese go if the pond is frozen? Lets see what he says.


I was walking down the stairs, singing that damn Frozen song, “Let It Go.”

Me: (I stop on one stair and hold up my fake microphone to Kate) Let the storm rage ONNNNNNNNN! The cold never bothered me anyway.

Kate: Ugh. Stop. That’s not how it starts.


I walked into the kitchen after I got dressed.

Kate: UGH! You wear that shirt too many times.


I was walking Kate back to the childcare center at our gym. We passed a group of people in the hallway.

Kate: Mommy? Why are some people cuter than others?

Me: Shhhh! Everyone is cute, Kate.


I was throwing chopped up chicken into a skillet for dinner.

Kate: Is that chicken or meat?


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