Nipples and a flash.

I’m mortified. Mortified.

I’m curled up in a ball with my hands over my face re-living what happened last night. And it’s all because of a pair of nipples.

Men, get over the nipples. We all have nipples.

But damn, I’m a good wife.

One key piece of information you need to know to understand how this all unraveled.

  • Sunday morning – I went to my cousin’s baby shower. My aunt requested I turn on my camera phone flash because she wanted more light on the baby shower cake. I forgot to turn the flash back to my regular “off” position.

Sunday evening, I drove home after helping a friend address her wedding save-the-dates. It was dark. I blasted the music. The sunroof was open. I was high on life.

Scott called and asked me to pick up dinner for the kids.

I pulled up to the fast food place and ordered at the speaker. I pulled up to the window.

That will be $10.45

Here you go. (I hand her my card and she faced the cash register)

Whoa. NIPPLES. Why doesn’t she have a bra on? The nipples are at her belly button! Scott needs to see this. Seriously, I’m like the best wife ever. He’s lucky I’m in a good mood. He would appreciate a good nipple picture, even if they do brush the cash drawer at her waist. Where’s my phone…

I picked up my phone and clicked the side button to mute the camera noise.

I double checked to make sure the employee was preoccupied. I held the phone towards the window.



Oh God!! Oh God!!! Flash! NO! OH NO! THE FLASH!

I dropped the phone into my lap. The camera captured my face.

Worst selfie ever.
Worst selfie ever.

Did you just try to take a picture of me?

I stared at my lap. I did not make eye contact with her.

Uh. I, uh. I don’t know what happened. My finger must of hit…

You tried to take a picture of me. Here’s your food.

Um, uh. Thanks.

My tires squealed out of the parking lot. My car went flying out into the street toward our house. I stopped at a stop light. I called Scott. My hands were shaking.

Hi mommy.

Let me talk to your dad.

He wants to know what you want.

I need to talk to him.

He said to tell me.

I can’t. Put daddy on the phone.

Daddy! Mommy won’t tell me what she needs!


Scott. I’m going straight to hell.

What happened?!

I went through the drive thru and the employee didn’t have a bra on. Scott. Her nipples. Like BING! Straight out. And they were hanging low. Hitting the cash drawer. I tried to take a picture for you and MY FLASH GOES OFF.

(laughing) Wait, her nipples were hanging out of her shirt? You’re an amateur, turn off the flash!

No, wait. Scott. It’s worse. Then she asked me if I tried to take a picture of her! It was so obvious what I was doing. The damn flash went off in her face! I’m a terrible person. It’s hot in here.

(laughing) ARE YOU SERIOUS?

(laughing) I can’t drive. I’m so embarrassed. She knows my name and credit card number. I’m on a hit list.

Fast food places use a 3rd party to keep that information. You’re not on a hit list.

I’M NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST TO HELL. I just wanted to show you some nipples. That’s it. Nipples. That weren’t mine. You’re welcome.

Did you keep your eyes on the food? Did she EVER walk away to get your food. This is important. Think.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I stared at my lap. I think she had the food? I just keep seeing her nipples in my head. And then a flash. OH MY GOD. MY FLASH.

I can’t send you anywhere to get food!

I’m pulling in the driveway. I gotta go. Bye.

They're all going to hell with me.
They’re all going to hell with me. See you on the other side.

21 thoughts on “Nipples and a flash.

  1. OMG, This story is up there with the mortifying story of your husband poopin’ his pants. You guys are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh…umm at your expense. 🙂


  2. Can we make “you’re the KSU of stealthy picture taking” a thing?? Lol. I love to get pictures of people all the time, especially people on rascals and morbidly obese mean people. The flash is always a concern for sure because some of those people can be pretty angry!


      1. Totally! It is embarrassing though. A pal of mine had the same trouble at the DMV, but it was the sound of the camera and not the flash that got him busted. Makes one wonder how many pictures of ones self others have secretly taken for whatever reason, ya know? Like maybe a person would take a picture of a hot chick whose tampon string was showing at a club?? God, I can’t even believe I typed those vile words! Lol.


  3. Ha,ha! You must love your husband that much that you are willing to risk your life to get him some nipple pics! He’s a lucky man! Totally embarrassing! I’m rolled up in a ball for you! Que verguenza!!!


    1. I’ve uncurled from a ball and have moved into sunglasses and a hat in public. Ha! I never get embarrassed! And now I’m mortified!!!


  4. That is the BEST! HAHAHA You are the best wife ever: confirmed. *FLASH* HAHAHAHAHAA you must have peeled out of there so fast! Best. Story. Ever.


    1. I peeled out AND have been avoiding that whole street. AND I keep checking our bank account for strange charges. If Victoria Secret shows up, I’ll let it slide. It’s on me. Lol


    1. Aussa, I swear while writing this I could just picture certain bloggers that this would happen to. Then, of course, write about it. You, my friend, are in my club! Lol


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