Lifestyle of the not so rich and famous.

I guess I have some explaining to do to those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Herm Edwards selfie.
Herm Edwards selfie.

My week at a glance:

  1. We picked up Tyler Farr from his tour bus then took him sailfishing before his South Florida concert.
  2. I interviewed Herm Edwards in Orlando for two hours, took pictures at his meet and greet on the red carpet, then snapped a Herm selfie before dinner.
  3. Oh, and in between trips I gave away a Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system to one of my readers on my blog.

My life is not as glamorous as it appears on social media.

  1. I got to fish with Tyler only because we’re friends with Brett from Killin’ It Outdoors. Scott flew me down as a Valentine’s Day surprise. But I know Scott. Scott felt guilty for extending his work trip into the weekend so he could fish. He knew he would come home to the wrath of Julie. His solution was to fly me down too. It just so happened that Tyler was in town. You always take Brett Cannon up on an offer to fish with him.
  2. I knew I would be interviewing Herm Edwards. He was hired by the company I work for to give a motivational speech to our Users Group attendees. Scott works at the same company. Our boss is Scott’s dad. One of my job duties is to write the employee newsletter. I was granted a one-on-one interview with Herm. I was actually really nervous going into this interview. I mean, what do you ask the former NFL head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and the NY Jets? Oh, I know – what about “what is your favorite Kansas City barbecue place?” His answer, “I LOVE THIS QUESTION! I’m a beans man! Jack Stack Barbecue is my favorite.” We bonded immediately even though I disagreed. For the record, it’s Gates. Gates is the best Kansas City barbecue.
  3. I gave away a free teeth whitening kit in between my two Florida trips. I needed a good distraction from my Herm Edwards nerves. Hey-eyyyyy! What was that? Oh, Oprah is in the house! We have a winner! Congratulations to Ani at Miles For Thought! She won the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System! Her winning smile?

“Getting a good 7-mile run in between classes made me smile today!”

7 miles? She’s a better woman than me. I fell off the stair stepper at the gym today. Thank you to everyone that entered! You guys made me smile too.

There you have it. My explanation for my fabulous life as shown on social media. My life got crazy exciting and now I’m back to listening to Doc McStuffins on the TV. I just saw a cockroach running in my living room and there’s a rotten smell lingering around our fridge. My house missed me.

The fabulous life of Julie is over.

13 thoughts on “Lifestyle of the not so rich and famous.

  1. I totally get the explanation, and it’s nice to be reminded that life extends far beyond the tidy boundaries of our blogs. BUT… don’t ever feel like you have to explain why you’re fabulous!


    1. Ha! Thank you! I don’t want it to seem like I hang out with celebrities all the time. It’s easy to post “bragging” pictures. But I was so nervous meeting both Herm and Tyler.


  2. And fabulous it was! Thank you for allowing to live vicariously through your glamorous life, even it it means hearing about roaches. BTW, you’d be interested to know that my college son is officially the Vice President of his college fishing team and will be President next year as a Junior. He’s so excited. WHO KNEW!!!


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