I don’t even know what just happened.

The last thing I remember was buying an airplane ticket, throwing some fishing shirts in a carry-on and jumping on a plane to South Florida.

Emma, Kate and I drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma to meet Savannah, my newborn niece. This would be zee baby that got grounded. I had to get Savannah’s autograph for my shirt. I’m her biggest fan.


Scott was in South Florida for work. I got a text.

Scott: Hop on a plane and get down here. The fish are biting this weekend. The wind and current will be perfect. It’s my vday present to you.

Me: R u serious? We don’t give vday presents.

Scott: Do u want to come down here or not? My mom can watch kids.

Me: YES!! There!!! Let me check flights. Emma, Kate, and I have the hotel in Tulsa until tomorrow. Looks like there’s a late flight leaving KC tomorrow night. Ok – pick me up from Ft. Laud airport at midnight. BOOM!

Five states in one day later, I fell asleep at 2 am listening to the rustling of the palm trees outside the bedroom window.

I woke up at 7 am wanting to stab something. Someone was blasting AWOLNATION’s “Sail.” It could only be Brett Cannon. Scott walked in our room.

Scott: Brett said to wake up. We’re going fishing.

Me: I didn’t get here until 2!

I heard Brett’s voice.


I stumbled into the kitchen where a group of friends were eating a homemade breakfast by Janna, Brett’s mom.

Me: BRETT! I thought we were going tomorrow!

Brett: We’re still fishing. Or I mean, we can leave you here. You can just fly out here to sit.

Rob, Brett’s dad, handed me a bloody mary.

Me: Ready!

Always listen to Captain Brett because he will always find fish.

Always listen to Captain Brett.
SAIL! I caught my 2nd sailfish!

The whiskey in my water went down smooth that night. I was sore.

Oh, what was that? Whiskey In My Water? Did I just hear Tyler Farr’s new single?

Tyler and Brett are good friends. We picked up Tyler and his stage manager as soon as his tour bus rolled in town on Sunday afternoon.

First Sail!
SAIL! Tyler caught his first sailfish! Then he caught a 2nd one. Damnit, he’s already tied with me.
Like awesome like this.
This is Brett, the flying fish.

We had Tyler and his manager back on dry land before soundcheck for his concert. I can guarantee Tyler’s arm was sore playing guitar that night. He was also sunburnt. It didn’t matter – he had a packed house going Redneck Crazy. Speaking of fans – that was me in the back photobombing your pictures with Tyler.

I’m a huge fan too.

5 thoughts on “I don’t even know what just happened.

      1. Ha! It is!!! That had to have been the best part – throwing things in a bag with no list or prep then getting on a plane…


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