Throwback Thursday.

Today marks Snow Day 3 for the week.

I do love a good snow day. I’m a HUGE fan of sleeping in. Sledding and shoveling leaves us exhausted. The stillness of winter is its own lullaby at the end of the day.

But the sweet memories of summer are always around if you take a quiet morning to look – ew, like 11 am morning not dawn. me some peanuts and cracker jacks...
…buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…

Those Cardinals know I’m a Kansas City Royals fan. We take the high road and have a mutual respect for our teams.

So what was I talking about again?

Oh yes, Throwback Thursday. I’m taking you back to 2009. It was a warm spring night at Kauffman Stadium. Kate was only a few weeks old. Emma just turned 3.

Scott is in complete control of his two daughters.
Scott can handle two daughters and watch live baseball at the same time. He’s got this.
The sweet memories of summer are always there if you look.
Ah, the sisters of comedy are always around if you look hard enough.

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday.

    1. Being sports fans? Or perfect comedic timing? I didn’t even know Kate was pointing at Emma’s funny face until I uploaded the pics. I didn’t know know Emma made that face at all. All I wanted was a pic of Scott holding Kate. Ha


  1. Geez, you don’t have to pass along your fascination with every mediocre team you love to your poor girls, you know that, right? One of them is bound to fall in love with a Card’s fan while they’re away at college, so give them a head start. That last picture reminds me of that “envy” motivational picture. Lol, you know the one?


    1. Ha! I am a true Kansas Citian! You know, I wouldn’t mind them dating a Cardinals fan. If they EVER date anyone that is not a KSU fan, I’ll just…I don’t know….I’ll have to change their mind somehow.

      And no, I haven’t seen the motivation thing. I’ll google it.


      1. Lol, I get it and I actually admire your passion and dedication. Mostly. It’s the one with the girls looking in the mirror all having fun and then there’s another girl in the shadowy background not having fun…something about it is funny.


    1. Ah! He would have never held her or any baby again!! She was so tiny. I remember waking around the stadium, I held Emma’s hand and Scott held Kate against his chest. People would point and say “awwww” to Kate. 🙂


  2. I’m of the opinion as well that any time before 10 AM is only good for sleeping, reading, or breakfast in bed. My work doesn’t feel that way.

    Emma’s face is priceless!! But after reading about the KSU coloring fiasco, I doubt you have to worry about her marrying someone who isn’t a fan. That kind of love only increases over time. 🙂


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