11 thoughts on “I should really work for the CIA.

  1. Aggie says:

    Omg, I’m disgusted by this. Seriously?!?! Can’t they do something about that??? If we can petition to get Justin Bieber deported, surely we can do something more drastic about this. Ugh.


    • Julie says:

      I know. I’ve had more disturbing terms than that too. I’m glad I have never posted pics of my kids in a bath tub, as innocent as that is.
      I would think someone that is good on computers could find the homes of these pervs.


  2. I love that you wrote about this, i think about it all the time! My blog comes up from weird searches too. The best I can remember was…”Dora gets banged by boots”. I’m almost embarrassed that my blog pops up for that. Weird people.


  3. dusterbed says:

    One-piece for the win! LOL
    And what the heck – NAKED KIDS? There has to be some kind of reverse IP lookup for stuff like this. Part of me hopes Google is already onto people like this, but you never know. You should definitely be part of the CIA. There are some sick puppies out there.


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