This blog will be on a temporary hold.

There’s nothing detrimental going on in my life; it’s not on hold because I am upset. And I am not traveling. I opted to write about Kate’s little blip she had with the hair stylist. Then I realized my blog posts are starting to repeat themselves. There’s only so many Beer Me posts I can write.

My blog is on hold because I have been hiding out watching a Netflix marathon ofΒ Scandal.

I found out – over much needed Kate-made-me-crazy-beers –Β that two of my neighbor friends watch Scandal together. They text during the show and I want in on the action.Β 

Oh, Shelly is not lying.
This would be much funnier to me if Shelly wasn’t telling the truth.

I have until February 27th to catch up to live TV and my series of quizzes.

I’m taking notes – names, places, actors, creator, directors, law terms, how to handle crisis control if I ever get pregnant by the President of the United States. Ooooo, it’s good. Get out of here, Obama. I’m kidding.

Are there any shows I should be watching religiously? Should I study up for your quizzes too? Bring it. What’s your favorite television show?

23 thoughts on “Scandal.

      1. Hahaha, my wife likes Justified! I don’t particularly care for the boob tube other than it draws my wife upstairs to the television so I can blog and drink beer in peace. Lol. Shhhh!


      2. Hahaha…that is why I blog! Scott watches his boring hunting shows!! I flung myself into the tv wives club. Still hanging on to ESPN tho. I’ll never let go!!!


    1. I’m so happy I made a solid choice in tv viewing. πŸ™‚ I kinda don’t want to catch up to live tv, then I’ll have to wait a whole week for another episode!! Torture!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Scandal is SO GOOD! And it’ s not one of those shows that gets really lame after the first season. It’s GOOD.
    Also good for binge-watching: Nurse Jackie, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, Dexter… there are so many!


  2. Julie, I understand your hiatus. Scandal is AWESOME!!! Not only is it fun to text during the shows but to tweet as well! The tweets are even better than the show. Make sure you follow Scandal on twitter. I’m all caught up and can’t wait till it starts!


  3. Ok so somebody recently turned me on to Orange is the New Black (Netflix) and I watched the entire season in like four days. It was SO good that seriously I was clicking “play next episode” at like 2am. SO good.
    Others: Homeland, The Newsroom, True Blood, Dexter, Shameless… um I think that’s it. I haven’t watched Scandal! I’ll have to check it out.


    1. Ooooo I haven’t heard of that one! I’ll have to start that one next. I might start Justified too.
      I never really watched TV until now! Ha


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