Smoke City.

2013. The year Emma shot her first buck.

I feel sorry for the baby buck. I really do. I named him Tiny Tim. Emma and her crossbow didn’t give Tiny Tim a fighting chance. His mother is probably wiping a single tear drop with her hoof somewhere in the woods.

Tiny Tim’s death did serve a purpose – he bonded a father and daughter in 2013. Emma is the only 7 year old I know that has killed a deer and for that, I admire my little badass. I can only hope Emma stopped the fate of Tiny Tim running out in front of a car.

I give you: Smoke City.

* I’m not sure of copyright laws with music. This is Eric Church’s “Outsiders.” If Eric sues me, I will need someone to bail me out of jail. I’ll buy you a beer. Thank you and enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Smoke City.

  1. I have another friend with three daughters and he always griped about it. I was all, “hey dipshit, your girls can do the same crap that any boy could do.” Well, he finally pulled his head from his ass and his middle daughter and he are best hunting buddies. I’m sure the youngest will be next in line to join them. Sadly, the oldest went vegetarian on them and wants no part of any of it. Lol. I think hunting is stupid, except for the drinking by the fire part, but kudos to those who like it and bond with their offspring in the process.


    1. I am the same way. I will never understand the joy Emma and Scott share in hunting. Whatever makes them happy, I guess. I do like that Emma will be a favorite with the boys. Ha!
      So cool, bail me out of jail and we can have a beer.


  2. That’s awesome! Eric Church is totally my fav artist to dance around the house to. Ha!
    Yikes! I’ll think about posting to his FB….I still think I’ll be sued and thrown in jail. Maybe Eric will save me. 🙂


    1. I think Emma has been out with Scott maybe 4 or 5 times before they even saw anything. Video makes it look easier than it is. Ha, we have plenty of stuffed deer in this house! Say cheese!


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