I wanted to hear what my family was thankful for before Thanksgiving.

By the time Thanksgiving dinner is served later today, I probably won’t hear their answers. Kate doesn’t like attention on her during family gatherings so she won’t talk. Scott is well on his way to being a six pack deep with his brother and cousins. And Emma will run off with her cousins after one bite.

Here is, word-for-word, our conversation as I sat in bed with my laptop:

Scott, what are you thankful for?

Two awesome girls.


And my loving wife.

That’s corny.

I have a good job.

Can you be funnier?

You just want me to praise you.

No, no. Not true. I just said that was corny. This is not Facebook. Be real. I’m really just waiting for you to say it.


You’re thankful for your resources to allow you to hunt. You’re like an Indian.


I don’t know. I just got a visual of you killing a buffalo or something. Hm, I guess our family would never stave if we lived in the 1600s.

You see? You get annoyed with hunting but I can provide for the family.

Nope. I am the one that grocery shops. We’re back in 2013 now.

Emma! Come here!

Yeah, mom?

What are you thankful for this year?

What do you want me to say?

Whatever you want. If your teacher asks what you’re thankful for before you leave for Thanksgiving break, what will you tell her?

Uh, tell me.

No! Emma! Everyone has their own list. What makes you happy in your life?

Hm. I would say the planet earth.

The planet earth. Scott, she just said the planet earth. She covered her bases. Ok, thanks Emma. You can go back to play now.



What are you thankful for?

I don’t know.

I know your teacher asked you this. What did you say?

The whole world.

You told the teacher the whole world? Did Emma tell you to say that?

Mom, just go back to work on your computer.

But no one asked me – what I am I thankful for? A loving husband and two funny daughters who are thankful for the world.

I realize I just went all Facebook on you. It happens.

Our family wishes your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!

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