Thanksgiving steals my birthday thunder.

Jimi Hendrix. Caroline Kennedy. Bruce Lee.

…. Fine.

And Jaleel White – also known as Steve Urkel.

You know what they all have in common? November 27th. They all share a birthday with me.

I know we can’t control our birthdays but is it really necessary to have sex on Valentine’s Day? Is it really necessary?

I say no. There’s no need for that. It’s a Hallmark holiday. Wooing consists of a mass produced “I love you” card and a dozen overpriced flowers. Do not cave for this, ladies. Not in February. Have your way with men in, oh I don’t know – July. Show ’em some real fireworks.

But if you are a romantic and get some booty smackin’ by Cupid then you better double up on birth control –

You risk conceiving a child with a Thanksgiving birthday.

My mom and dad let Cupid take aim and fire.

Any child born between November 22nd and November 28th will eventually have a Thanksgiving birthday. If not on the day, the birthday will get gobbled up Thanksgiving week and forgotten.

Thanksgiving birthdays are decided for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re turning 35 or if you’re turning 60. Thanksgiving birthdays are always the same.

  • Turkey and mashed potatoes. That’s your birthday dinner. You don’t get a choice where to eat because every restaurant is closed.
  • You can’t celebrate how most people celebrate birthdays. Bruch, pedicures, and shopping? Closed. It’s all closed. Sure, you have Black Friday but you risk getting trampled to death at 5 am. And that would just suck to have a matching birth and death day on your headstone.
  • Birthday lunch with friends? Forget it. They’re with their own families.
  • A Facebook serenade of “happy birthday!” on your feed? Nope. It’s considered rude to look at your phone at the dinner table. Your long-lost high school science partner will never know it’s your birthday.
  • Everyone naps on Thanksgiving. Wake up. I said wake up, it’s my birthday! Ok, I’ll just close my eyes for a little bit too.
  • It’s a sexist holiday. The men watch football. Woman, get your ass back in the kitchen!
  • Families get together for Thanksgiving. I cannot deny that it is special to be able to see out-of-town relatives. “Happy Thanksgiving” and hugs are given all around. It’s awkward staring at each person, waiting to see if they have anything else to say. I mean, I’m right here.
  • Some years, Thanksgiving birthdays are not with your own family. Some years, you’re forced to spend your birthday with the in-laws. And your mother-in-law fattening you up like a butterball turkey. This is not an insult. I just don’t have any self-control.
  • For damn sure, Thanksgiving is included in “the holidays.” Oh, that’s your Christmas present too.
  • When the pies are brought out for dessert, you pray one of them does not have candles on it. There is no substitute for birthday cake.

I know. I do exist. I can’t complain about the day I was born so thank you for making me, mom and dad.

It’s just not my choice day to pop out of the womb.

This is all Cupid’s fault – AIM FOR THE TURKEY, YOU FLYING BABY!

Just say no to sex on Valentine’s Day.


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64 thoughts on “Thanksgiving steals my birthday thunder.

  1. another bad day to do it? the end of march or beginning of april…guaranteed Christmas baby. poor planning on my part, dammit. my child is bound to have his birthday all wrapped up with Christmas.


    1. My parents can tell you all about it. They have two November babies and two December babies. It’s the black hole of birthdays.
      Although, Scott’s is in July. He doesn’t like having a summer birthday either…
      Is there a “good” birthday??


      1. maybe like april or may? mine is in july also and it’s not bad, but it sometimes gets forgotten…waaa waaaaa. hope you have a happy birthday anyway! at least you can eat a ton and blame it on your birthday AND thanksgiving!


      2. May an August are probably best months to have baby no memorable holidays to steal the thunder. April babies I know cause of my sister have to worry about Easter. June would be preferable to July.


      1. I pray you get rip roaring drunk and suddenly go verbal apeshit towards all the family members who didn’t acknowledge your birthday or who tried to combine it with Thanksgiving. Say that Thanksgiving day is the Mayflower’s birthday, not yours, so they know just how hammered you are. Wow, I wish I had a Thanksgiving birthday, because this sounds like fun!


      2. Oh I have no doubt I will put a choke hold on anyone that doesn’t wish me a happy birthday. My father-in-law is good at keeping whiskey around for me.

        Mayflower’s birthday. HA!


  2. My husband would so agree with everything you just said. 🙂 His birthday is also on November 27th. He remembers the years growing up where he received a pumpkin pie with candles in it as his “birthday cake”.

    We always have his party on the weekend after Thanksgiving since all our relatives will be in from out of town. (Although this still does not guarantee everyone will make it.) My mom always made his birthday special by making him a birthday cake and usually making his favorite food as part our Thanksgiving meal.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a terrific Thanksgiving.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah!!! Tell him happy birthday!! Man, Cupid really gets around…
      I guess a Christmas could be worse??

      My mom is really good at making sure she gets my favorite ice cream cake. 🙂


      1. My youngest son’s birthday is a week after my hubby’s. So JJ knows what it is like with a few family members that don’t come to his party and then end up giving him “Combo” gifts. He says it sucks big time! LOL.

        Have an amazing birthday!


  3. We got married the day after my husband’s birthday so he HATES that because, obviously – our anniversary is more important than his bday. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great Thanksgiving!!!


    1. Thank you! That’s funny because we got married the same week as Scott’s birthday. HA! Yeah, marriage is bigger deal than their birth. Totally. 🙂


  4. Oh Julie! You have written about my life….in all the glory of a Thanksgiving birth (mine is November 24), I share it with a my grouchy Grandma! Not only that but all of the free birthday meals emails expire November 30 and who has time with all of the family time? BOO! I have always hated being called Turkey Butt and Turkey Baby just to be sandwiched into a family filled fun holiday….Griswold style for sure. I just despise the happy thanksgiving, and oh birthday too. I told my husband for 40 we are going to Hawaii. Screw the turkey. I like pig better! I do want the shirt though!


    1. It is so refreshing to finally find people who understand. It is not neat, fun, awesome or whatever adjective anyone can come up with to have your birthday on or near Thanksgiving. I cannot imagine a Christmas birthday.


      1. Christmas birthdays SUCK!! (28TH) Combo gifts SUCK! Thank God my parents would sometimes give me an “unbirthday” party in June to try and make up for it!!!


  5. I feel your pain! I have the same birthday, Nov. 27! People usually forget about it…But it must be better than having a birthday near Christmas!


  6. My mom’s birthday was close to Christmas and she hated it. My son’s birthday is generally on or around Father’s Day. He has to share with his dad and grandfather. But I ALWAYS make him a cake. LOL!


  7. I turned 40 on Thanksgiving just a few days ago. I had planned to be on a cruise, but that fell through due to financial issues, not to mention I was ill and probably would have been denied boarding given how sick I was. My daughter is out of state on mandatory holiday visitation with her father (to her dismay). So I spent Thanksgiving “celebrating” my 40th birthday alone and rather ill. My ex was recently fired, adding to my financial stress. And my BFF (best feline friend) began exhibiting signs of ESRD.
    To think I was whining about turning 40 on thanksgiving…
    Having a birthday on or near Thanksgiving stinks as it is…then add all that drama.
    Happy 40th to me! 😦


    1. Happy Birthday! 40 years young and what an interesting life! Sorry for all your troubles 😦
      I wish nothing but the best for you in 2014!! I’m waiting for 2014 too. Ready for this year to be over for many reasons.


  8. You may just be my soul twin. 🙂
    I would rather have pork than turkey and I love ice cream cake! Not to mention, you succinctly expressed my unspoken thoughts about having a Thanksgiving birthday.


  9. Here’s the comment I promised you. I hope it’s everything you ever dreamed of.

    All the witty stuff I might have come up with has already been covered above. I’m a little too late to the turkey-scented party, I guess.


  10. I too have a 11/27 Bday and completely agree – also, when you get bday money, you end up using it on Black Friday to buy other people Xmas presents. This year I am to turn 40 and my Bday is on Thanksgiving….any suggestions for anything interesting to do, or is it a hopeless exercise?


  11. I feel your pain. My bday is on the 27th, too. And this year not only does it fall on Thanksgiving but I am also turning 25. And I’m broke. Recipe for a mundane bday…….smh


    1. Ah, I have had the “broke” Thanksgiving too. I was 24 and living in Charleston, SC…cold mashed potatoes is all I really remember. I would say go out with friends…but you know…everyone is busy. Gahhh!


  12. Sucks for you this year. Last year was my 15 b day and everyone forgot my birthday and when I reminded them, I got birthday pie. This year it’s on Black Friday. I’m on Thanksgiving break right now, so yesterday was the last time I see my friends before December. They forgot about my birthday and got this other girl a birthday gift that day. That girl’s birthday was on November 21. I will be spending my 16 bday eating Thanksgiving leftovers by myself since my family wants to go Black Friday shopping. :/


  13. I am oldest November 23. Yeah I have heard all Christmas related lines. I am going to use nicknames for siblings Boo my next in line and full sister is April 14th yeah Easter I made my parents do it. I was little and wanted a sissy. Then Ber our half sis lucky January 25th she falls just outside holiday bubble. Then AJ full to Ber he was born December 14th it really shouldn’t be over shaddowed by Christmas but it is.we have another half sis to all of us I won’t say much as is weird story but she to falls outside holiday bubble. Then half brother to all listed prior has to compete with st.patricks day. He has a full little sister she to falls outside holiday bubble. I am so much older then my 3 youngest siblings I don’t have nicknames for them that would protect there identity. Yeah 4 us holiday babies. I have heard so much weird stuff cause of this.


      1. My siblings and I aren’t close in age I am 20 yrs or more older then youngest. I don’t have exact math. I was born in 85. Some of siblings are close in age.full sis 90. Next one begining of 94 . next 96. I forget exact yr because this sis half to everyone ended ul with her aunt but early 2000’s. Next was 05. I think the next was 07. Yeah every decade covered. And if things didn’t happen a certian way full sis and I would have been twins. Mine cord stragulation hers died in nicu it was 1990. Just good chunk of us where born around holidays.


  14. Hi
    My sister, husband, daughter ,Dad and myself all have our birthday in November from the 22 – 26. And as always Thanksgiving will fall on one of these days. But mostly it has fall on my birthday which sucks cause no party and no presents. So I just learned to live with it.


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