Bucks and does are the new birds and bees.

Scott: Emma, we should go hunting tomorrow after school.

Emma: No, I don’t want to. I never see any deer when I hunt with you.

Scott: Yeah but now it’s the rut! The deer are running all over the place! Remember how I told you the bucks chase their girlfriends?

Emma: Why are they chasing their girlfriends?

Scott: Uh…well…wouldn’t you want to?

Emma: Oh yeah, they’re making babies.

Scott: Yeah! They don’t even realize we’re sitting in the woods because they are having fun chasing each other!

Emma: Hmmm. I think…I think I wouldn’t want to do that if I were a deer. That doesn’t sound fun to me. That sounds like it would hurt.

Scott: Yes. Yes, it would hurt, Emma. Very much. So how was your day at school?

A Sunday hunt with dad. Life lessons with dad.
Life lessons from dad – taught from the ground blind.

4 thoughts on “Bucks and does are the new birds and bees.

    1. Bahaha…he panicked. The woman in me wants to tell her the truth. But I’ll keep my mouth shut since she’s only 7. I’m glad Scott got to her first.


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