I found my twin on Pinterest.

I’m traveling back home today from Florida. Here is a short little Monday post for you to ponder until I return to Kansas.

Text message conversation with my friend, Heather:

Me: I found this on Pinterest. Does this girl look like me with short hair?

It's not really me.

Heather: Hahaha. NO! 

Me: Put down the wine and really look. This looks JUST LIKE ME.

Heather: I don’t think you look like her at all.

Me: I’ll text my siblings. If anyone knows my face, it will be the ones that share my genes.

Ok, one didn’t respond. One said sort of. One said yes. I don’t know what to make of this vote. I’ll ask Scott.

Ugh. Scott said not really.

What is wrong with you people? Don’t you see my face is floating around Pinterest without my permission!! LOL

The REAL Julie.

Oh look, she morphs.

Oh. Great.
Heather – I am Austin Powers.

6 thoughts on “I found my twin on Pinterest.

  1. HAHAHA! It’s a girl… you can tell by the hands! And the resemblance is totally there. Not exact, but definite similarities. Eerie!


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