The Emma pumpkin.

I have a secret talent.

But I can only showcase my talent in October. I love carving pumpkins. If I’m going to be elbow deep in that disgusting pumpkin mush then there better be something pretty coming from it. I did away with the pumpkin face stencils years ago. I got bored. I needed a challenge. One year, I carved a detailed Cinderella’s Castle for Emma. I found tiny colored lights that I poked through the castle windows. I spent 4 hours of my life carving magic for my 2-year-old. MAGIC, I tell you. Of course, I can’t find the picture. Last year, I carved K-State’s head coach, Bill Snyder.

The Bill
The Bill

K-State isn’t doing too hot this year. I’m not really speaking to Bill right now. Moving on.


I guess I’ll throw Scott and Emma a bone. Those two are like a wolf pack preying for meat anyway. I guess I’ll do hunting related pumpkins. 

Wolf Pack practice.
Wolf Pack practice.
Couple a clicks in the 'ole Photoshop.
Couple of clicks in the ‘ole Photoshop.

Yeah, I know. I’m sure there’s better pumpkin carving greatness on the Internet. I can’t compete with Pinterest. Hey, I should find little suction cup arrows and somehow fling them from the pumpkin at trick-or-treaters.

9 thoughts on “The Emma pumpkin.

    1. Thank you! The trick is to cut the little pieces out first. Then cut the big pieces out. If you cut the big chucks first, it makes the little pieces near it weak. I have also used vasoline to “glue” pieces back. Sometime its works, sometimes it doesn’t.


    1. I’ve thought about carving in “permanent” pumpkins from hobby stores. I should try it…I’m just worried it wouldn’t be as soft and wouldn’t “mold” as well as a real pumpkin. Scott already asked me to make Emma’s pumpkin permanent. I’ll try it.


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