My eulogy.

I’ll be writing my own eulogy today.

Don’t freak out. Let me explain – 

I am constantly writing. Writing on my blog. Writing for work. Writing for my personal use. Writing epic Twitter meltdowns after K-State loses.

The more I read, the better my writing. One of the blogs I follow is Don of all Trades.  He cusses a lot. He’s opinionated. He’s funny. Sometimes he writes about his wife and kids – which is probably my favorite part of his blog. “Mommy Blogs” are everywhere; it’s refreshing to read a “Daddy Blog.”

Hey watch this, Don will make a comment that I called his blog a “Daddy Blog.”

Don is participating in “Blogger Idol.” He is one of 12 chosen participants this year. Good luck, Don! You’re in it to win it!

I am not. But I’ll play along at home.

I have never participated in blogging contests/link-ups. But after seeing the topic for bloggers to “play-at-home” – Week One Play-at-home: Write Your Own Eulogy – I just can’t help myself. This is my only chance to write my own eulogy without looking like some kind of suicidal freak. And plus, Halloween is approaching. I’m creepy like that.



Julie’s final wish was for no one to be sad. There was a scrap piece of paper found next to her bed that read “if anyone cries at my funeral, I will haunt your asses on the car ride home just to give you a real reason to cry.”

With that, hello and welcome to Manhattan, Kansas! Julie made it clear to her husband, Scott, and their daughters, Emma and Kate, that her final resting place will be in this little college town.

Julie fell in love in this town. She fell in love over and over here – she fell in love with Kansas State University. She fell in love with Thursday night 99 cent Jack and Cokes. She also fell in love with a Backstreet Boy named Scott.

Backstreet's back! Tonight!
“…Backstreet’s back! Alright!”

Welcome to Julie’s love town.

Julie has not been a K-State fan her whole life. Her parents dressed her in Mizzou clothes as a child. Julie’s mom and dad had a good guess in raising a “cat” – but Julie grew up to be her own woman. She decided after high school she would rather be a Wildcat than a Tiger. Her two younger sisters, Jessica and Jenna, and younger brother, Jon, followed the leader to Manhattan.

Many of you probably knew Julie. It is fair to label her as an introvert. I mean, it took years for her to even speak to the speaker at the Taco Bell drive-thru. Julie was shy in person but she was an extrovert on her blog. Julie’s whole world was on her blog. The way she thought was translated through her keyboard taps. Her favorite subjects to write about were the people closest to her –  Scott, Emma and Kate.

Scott is the only person in the world that could tolerate Julie’s nagging – oh I just felt a shove. Something just shoved me. I swear to God. I meant to say Scott is the only person in the world that was easy-going enough to go along with Julie’s creativity. It was obvious to everyone that Julie and Scott had the same sense of humor.

Julie gave birth to two beautiful daughters. Emma has her mom’s eyes and complexion. Kate has her mom’s….well, no one really knows what Kate has of Julie’s. Or Scott’s. Where did this kid come from? Is there a quarter Mexican kid running around that was switched at the hospital? It doesn’t matter. Emma and Kate were Julie’s joy.

Julie’s genes are passed along in Emma and Kate. Spend a day with Kate – you’ll see Julie’s shyness around strangers. Once you get to know Kate well, you will hear her massive burps followed by a collapse of giggles. Spend a day with Emma – you’ll see Julie’s gentleness with babies and playfulness with kids. Once you get to know Emma well, you will see that die-hard K-State fan having meltdowns for as long as K-State still continues to lose. Jesus.

Julie will always be here.

Now, go have fun in Aggieville. Jack and Cokes are all on Julie. Let’s see… and Julie wrote here, “yes they are, Scott. Last nag. I promise.”

If any of you get crying-drunk you will have to be escorted out. Julie might haunt you on your walk back to the hotel.

27 thoughts on “My eulogy.

  1. Hahaha, epic! Daddy blog? Is that really what it’s become you think? Jesus! Too bad it took your death to learn you were a Tiger fan at least for a portion of your life. I could have learned to be your friend. That picture of Scott is great by the way. He could have played every 80’s movie bad boy ever!


  2. This is really well written. I’m glad you’re playing along. I loved this post from the line: “if anyone cries at my funeral, I will haunt your asses on the car ride home just to give you a real reason to cry.” Good stuff here!


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