Naked Bailey.

Homework: Bailey, the class stuffed pet will be spending a week with each student in the class. This week is your child’s turn to have Bailey. Write a journal entry on Bailey’s adventures with your family. Make sure your child writes in the 3rd person (as if Bailey was talking).

Oh, this will be fun.

My audience: 7-8 year olds.

My objective: Make them laugh.

I hope her teacher isn’t reading this because uh, this was all me. I spread notepads all over the table. I pulled out my calendar to see what was going on for the week. I kicked around ideas out loud with Emma.

Ok, Em. There needs to be a story here. We can’t just ramble what Bailey did with us. This is storytelling. This is what writers do. Bailey is going to have a problem. Bailey needs to fix the problem. Then Bailey is going to be happy to move on to the next house. You’re reading this out loud, right?

Yeah, I will read it to the class.

Ok. Let’s make your friends laugh.

My adventure with Emma began at Emma’s house. I was so excited to learn that we would be going to take pictures with Kate’s mom* because Emma’s family likes taking pictures. CHEESE!

*(not my Kate, but another Kate in Emma’s class)

I saw Emma’s family pick out clothes. I wanted clothes too.

Oh no! Where's my clothes?
Oh no! But where are my clothes?

I begged Emma to take me to PetSmart.

Please, please! Take me to PetSmart!
Please, please! Emma, puh-lease!!! Puppy dog eyes!!!

She said YES! YAY!!!! PetSmart is my favorite.

I'm home!!
I’m home!!

I pulled Emma through the store. I was so excited to try on clothes!

Over here, over here!
They’re over here, over here! Come on, Emma!

I couldn’t decide which shirt to get.

Am I a girl?
Am I a girl?
Or a boy?  Hut, hut! RUFF!
Or a boy?
Hut, hut! RUFF!

I picked out a green shirt because it is my favorite color. Do you like my shirt?

Oh Kermie.
Oh Kermie.

I’m ready for my big photoshoot!

I met Kate’s mom. I was so glad I was not NAKED!

Kate's mom!
I made the family portraits! These memories will last forever. Yessss!

Emma’s family looked beautiful. I am so happy I am in Emma’s family pictures.

Oh look, our Kate is actually smiling!
I love CHEESE!!

Now back to school. I hope I will be with one of you guys next! Love, Bailey.

Emma, how did your presentation go? Did the class laugh?

Mom! Ha! Yes, they all laughed! I said the word NAKED!

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